Thanksgiving Word Problems

Thanksgiving Word Problems
Word problems always make Math more fun when they are themed. Encourage your homeschooler to try the word problems below on their own or with your help. They will be thankful they did!

1. Farmer Jack harvested 35 ears of corn for Thanksgiving supper. If his wife Ida ate 6 ears, Framer Jack ate 7 ears and his son Billy ate 5 ears, how many ears were left?

2. The Macys Thanksgiving Day parade was due to start at 9:30 am. Eastern Standard Time. The wind was blowing so hard the balloons could not begin their display until 11 am EST. What time did the folks in California watch the start of the balloons flying on live television? * Remember they are in a different time zone!

3. The Brick family made 17 pumpkin pies to share with family, friends and neighbors. If they had 12 families to share with, how many pies would they give each family? How many pies would be left?

4. The turkey Grandma Carol bought was 137 ounces. How many pounds did her turkey weigh?

5. Once Grandma Carol figured out the weight of her turkey she needed to also know how long to cook it. The directions said to cook the turkey 45 minutes per pound in a 425 degree oven. How long would Grandma plan to have the turkey bake in the oven?

6. Aislinn picked fresh tomatoes from her garden for her homeschool group's Thanksgiving celebration salad. She picked a total of 15 tomatoes and cut them each into 5 slices. If each salad would need three tomato slices, how many salads could she make using her slices?

7. Cranberry relish was a favorite in the Harper's household. Joshua picked 289 cranberries to help make the Thanksgiving relish. He ate 27 of them on the way back to his house from the cranberry bog. How many cranberries were left? There were 25 jars of relish Joshua's family planned to fill-how many cranberries could they use for each jar of relish?

8. Joshua's brother Nick picked cranberries too. He picked 124 in the morning, and went back later in the afternoon and picked 227 more. How many cranberries did he pick alltogether?

9. How many more cranberries did Joshua pick in comparison to how many cranberries Nick picked?

10. If Mrs. Bell's apple pie was put in the oven at 2:15 pm, and it needed to bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes, when would it be done?

* Bonus problem~ Create a graph with 5-10 typical foods served on Thanksgiving Day. Examples are corn, turkey, stuffing, etc. Choose a bar, circle or other graph style of your choice. Pick a number of people you'd like to survey and ask them to choose their favorites. Chart the results and share this information with your family during Thanksgiving dinner. You may be surprised at the results!

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