How to Deal with The Car Dealer

How to Deal with The Car Dealer
Let's face it; car salespeople get a bad wrap. The majority of them are not paid very well, they are pushed extremely hard to sell cars, and they may feel bad about the way they are trained to deal with you the customer.

Some car salespeople are excellent. They're friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. We're going to talk about ... the others. They can be rude, obnoxious, and pushy. They're the reason that the profession has such a taint associated with it.

In order for you to deal with the “bad” car salespeople, you've got to take control from the minute you meet with or speak with them. I'm not saying you need to take on any of the characteristics of the bad salespeople above, but you've got to establish that you're going to control the relationship.

In establishing control, you'll be preventing the salesperson from acting like... a car salesperson.

Here is a script to follow that you can emulate when dealing with a car dealer. This script assumes you are interested in test driving the car you want to purchase.
You won't be rude, obnoxious or demeaning, just confident.

YOU: - introducing yourself to the salesperson: Hello my name is (first name only), and I'd like to test drive the latest model Mean Machine.

SALESPERSON: Nice to meet you I'm (Super Car Salesperson). Let's go to my desk so that I can take some information from you.

YOU: Thank you, but I don't have much time and I'd really just like to take a test drive.

SALESPERSON: OK, I'll have the car pulled in front and we can take a quick ride. I'll need a copy of your driver's license for insurance purposes.

YOU: You can have a copy, as long as you seal the copy in an envelope and leave it in a secure place. I don't want to be on a mailing list and I don't want it used for any other purposes.

SALESPERSON: That's fine. While we're waiting for the car to arrive, where are you in the process? Are you ready to buy if you like the car?

YOU: I'm definitely not going to buy today whether I like the car or not. I'm going to test drive (their top competitors brand) and decide after that.

SALESPERSON: (Once in the car) - Isn't this a great ride? Listen to the sound system (turns on the radio).

YOU: (Turn off the radio) - I'd really like to listen to interior noise, wind noise, and the engine so I'll need to turn the radio off.

SALESPERSON: What are you looking to spend as far as a monthly car payment?

YOU: When I'm ready to buy, I'll do so based on the negotiated price of the car not a monthly payment.
Also, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask the questions since I don't have a lot of time and I do want to concentrate on the test drive.

SALESPERSON: (When back at the dealership). So what did you think?

YOU: (Unless you really didn't like the car, say this.) It's OK, not exactly what I'm looking for, but I'll still consider it. (Even if you loved the car and it's exactly what you want, don't show the emotion to him.)

SALESPERSON: Great can I have your phone number to call you next week in case there are any specials in this model?

YOU: Thanks, if you give me your card I'll call you if I'm interested.

The same type of script can be used when you're ready to buy. By taking charge of the situation, you'll stop a lot of the sales tactics and have the process played by your rules.

Dislike dealing with car salespeople? We don't! Contact us at and we'll do all of the dirty work and negotiating for you.

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