Whoonu Review

Whoonu Review
The game is for 3 - 6 players age 8 and up. It involves a special deck of word and phrase cards along with point tokens. The tokens are how scores are kept.

There are different token handouts depending on how many players are playing the game. It is all explained and shown in the instructions that come with the game.

The next part of the game is figuring out who will be the Whoozit. The Whoozit is chosen by whose birthday it is, or whose birthday is coming up next. The Whoozit is the person whose likes and dislikes you have to guess at. If you know the Whoozit really well and have the correct cards in your hand, you should fare very well.

The person chosen to be the dealer shuffles the cards and deals four cards to each player. The remaining cards go face down on the table. The face down cards will be used as the draw pile. Each player can look at their cards, and as in most games, the cards are seem only by the players.

Each player picks one card to place in a secret envelope. This envelope will be given to the Whoozit to make a decision about their likes and dislikes. The Whoozit does not play when it is their turn to be the Whoozit.

Here are some examples of the wording and phrases on the cards. Instant messaging; the front row at the movies; getting a dozen roses; and roller coasters. There are many more cards to choose from. These four examples are just a representative sampling.

The Whoozit then chooses which item she likes in order of the most favorite to the least favorite. The most favorite gets set by the highest point token down to the least favorite which is by the lowest point token.

Give the Whoozit time to make a decision. No one is to shout or suggest anything while the decision making is taking place. There can be a time limit set if you find you need one.

At this time, all players who played a card need to pick another card from the draw pile. Each player needs to have four cards in their hands at all times. It helps when making a decision on which card to play to the Whoozit.

The revealed cards are put into a new discard pile. That pile can be re-used after shuffling once all other cards have been gone through. Play continues to the left with the new Whoozit.

Once the decision is made, each player takes the token nearest to the card they played. The tokens have points on them and that is how the hands are scored.

Each hand is scored and scoring starts again with each new hand. If you want to keep track of who won the most hands, you could use a paper and pen or pencil, but it may take away from some of the fun.

Any way you play the game, it is sure to get a good laugh almost every hand. It is a fun way to get to know people you already thought you knew.

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