Peanut Butter Sandwich Ideas

Peanut Butter Sandwich Ideas
What do adults of all ages, little kids, and college students have in common? When time and money are short, they reach for the peanut butter sandwich! Delicious and filling, peanut butter is a satisfying sandwich that is easy to make. Do you like your peanut butter smooth or crunchy? Whether it is a commercial brand or a grind-it-yourself-organic peanut butter, here are ideas for moving beyond the basic peanut butter and grape jelly on sliced white bread sandwich.

Peanut Butter Sandwich Ideas:

Mix the ingredients up to find your new favorite peanut butter sandwich!

Breads that do not go especially well with peanut butter include rye and pumpernickel. Here is a list of breads that pair well with peanut butter. Of course, you may always use your favorite bread!

Orowheat Double Fiber bread, Orowheat Health Nut bread, whole wheat, whole grain, honey wheat, sourdough, sliced French bread, sliced Italian bread, Vienna bread, white bread.

Sweet spreads that work beautifully often have a fruit base. Jellies, jams, whole fruit spreads, like Polaner Spreads all add moisture, flavor, and texture to the sandwich. Honey and agave nectar make delightful additions to a peanut butter sandwich. Here are some flavors of jelly or jam that just seem to go with peanut butter.

Grape, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peach, apple, and apricot jellies or jams blend with peanut butter. Apple butter is a tasty touch.

There are people who like a really full-fat peanut butter sandwich. They enjoy putting a layer of taste on and adding a bit more fat. If this appeals to you, cover one slice of the bread with butter, margarine, cream cheese, mayonnaise, or a salad spread, such as Miracle Whip.

There are times when you want that sweet flavor with a fresher taste than you can get from jelly. Take it right back to the fruit! Using thinly sliced fruits, sprinkled with a tiny bit of sugar, if desired, makes a sandwich that has taste, vitamins, minerals, and a touch of fiber. These fruits work well with peanut butter. The firmer the fruit is, the thinner that you need to slice it. Bananas can be kind of thick, but apples need to be thinly sliced.

Bananas, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, grapes, pears, and apples are great to use with peanut butter. You may also use thinly sliced sweet pickles of any variety for a tangy, sweet, and crunchy sandwich adventure.

There’s nothing wrong with peanut butter and grape jelly on plain white bread, but sometimes you need a little sandwich adventure. Try something different. Sample one of the ideas here, or use your own creativity. What ideas do you have? Be sure to share them with

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