Flash - 5,000 Teaching Pix

Flash - 5,000 Teaching Pix
The PECS group I run has a Round Robin system where we share and exchange cards through the mail.

Some of the participants have included CD-ROMS for other families to use and print out images before sending the package off to the next member in the Round Robin. I am getting ready to start another Round Robin and decided to check out the Flash! 5,000 Teaching Pix CD-ROM.

A few years ago I purchased on ebay a CD-ROM to print out images. It was too difficult to figure out so I mailed it to another member of my PECS group and she was able to store them in the group for all members to benefit from.

I no longer have a printer due to a robbery last year, but I wanted to check out the CD-ROM to see if I could figure it out and see what images we are missing out on!

This program works with all Windows systems, including 95, which is what I have on my computer. There is no set-up or installation to perform, simply point and click to make your sheet of either 2,4,6 or 8 images. There are options for adding labels, using upper or lowercase and dotted-lines on the paper to help you cut evenly for your flashcards.

The Flash! CD-ROM program is specifically designed for people who have no computer experience and I must say this is very easy to accomplish. There are 50 categories to choose from, including associations, school items, rooms, toys, numbers, musical instruments, park & playground, road furniture, plants, kindergarten, signs, genders & people, health & safety, body parts, kitchen & cooking, colors, counting, community objects,emotions, flags of the world, animals, appliances and more.

Under associations you can find sneezing and tissues 1 and 2. The first one is the box of tissues with the second option showing a girl using the tissues after sneezing. This same principle with a shovel and then shoveling. There are also a series for jigsaw puzzle pieces and the actual puzzles. Painting is also broken down into the steps of paints, paintbrush and painting. Other options are firefighter and firetruck, glove and hand, hammer and nails, foot and sock, fork and knife.

Everything is alphabetized. There is a landscape and portrait orientation box to check off which view you would like to see and then the printer box. Flash! runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP.

For baby items there are 6 types of bibs, 4 walkers, 5 highchairs, 3 nappys (diapers) and wipes, prams (these are strollers), bottles, toilet seats and cots (cribs).

Under body parts you will see a variety of images for children and adults. An example would be ears - one with sideburns, another with earrings, left and right sides. Eyes are of babies, children and adults, some open and others closed. I did not see any with glasses on though.

Grooming objects includes brushes, combs, hair dryers, 12 different mirrors and clippers for nails.

Emotions covers bored children and adults in various poses, 15 happy images and eight surprised looks. Matthew was touching the computer to see the pictures.

Community object includes post office, garbage bins, washrooms, public toilets and public phones. Listed under other within this section are drinking fountains, escalators, fire hydrant, ashtray and charity clothes bin. This is the first time I have come across escalators and like that this is included.

The Fitness portrays five trampolines, handbells and dumbells. Cats has three cute kittens that Nicholas liked viewing. There are also seven cat photos.

School shows a class photo, someone doing homework, backpacks and school crossing. Health & Safety lists bandaids, cigarette lighters, fire alarm, fire exit, first aid kit, hard hats, knee guards, medicine and life jackets.

Garden and vegetation has flowers, potted plants, garden hoses, lawnmowers and clippers.

Flash! 5,000 Teaching Pix is sold at www.helpingtogrow.com for $49.00. For those in the UK and Ireland they will receive the UK version.

Samples at the site. These are from the 10,000 photo images of the Flash! Pro 2 that is on one CD-ROM. This is a wonderful way to see the images available before making a purchase. The options are well organized in the CD-ROM with the ability to view, resize and print your own digital camera images as well. This CD-ROM costs $74.95.

They include all 221 flags of the world, 450 road, traffic and warning signs, what's missing section and attributes & opposites. The prices are very reasonable compared to other software programs on the market that get boring after time. This CD-ROM lasts longer since the cards are used for children with language and speech delays and those who are nonverbal. It is not simply a piece of software, but a communication tool for your household library. This is a great resource for support groups, therapists and other professionals who have children on the Autism Spectrum as their clients.

The site also has a section for placing Phone Orders for those in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. ABA Materials Pty. Ltd. is located in Australia. They offer free airmail delivery worldwide. There is no tax on any orders. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard and American Express.

This page explains laminating pictures, creating worksheets, using sound, learning environment, working at the table, getting organized, phonics, spelling, most frequently used words, touch screens, building social skills, dietary information and much more. This is a very extensive page of information relating to autism.

I suggest this site to anyone wanting to gain insight into the world of autism and to view their sample images and purchase the CD-ROM. It is as easy as double clicking on the links to get images on the computer screen, preview and print.


Classroom Modifications for the Autistic Student

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