Geocaching is a Treasure Hunt

Geocaching is a Treasure Hunt
Geocaching is treasure hunting for adventurers with 4x4’s. If the idea of a treasure map has always stirred some excitement in you, then you need to check out geocaching.

Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) comes from the terms "geo" for geography and "caching" for the process of hiding a cache. The term cache is not from the computer term but from an outdoor term meaning a hiding place for provisions.

Geocaching is popular among 4x4 enthusiasts. It is an adventure game using GPS (global positioning systems) for locating hidden caches. People hide the caches, go to the website for geocaching and log the hidden cache. After the cache is listed on the website, adventurers go looking for the hidden cache based on the gps coordinates provided on the website.

This became possible in 2000 when the Selective Availability of GPS was disabled. Please see the article on GPS Mapping for information on the history of GPS.

Now people from all over the United States and the world have become involved in geocaching. There are hidden caches in all 50 states in the U.S. You do not need a 4x4 to get into geocaching as many of the sites are now in cities. But to venture to the more rugged and scenic locations of hidden caches, a 4x4 vehicle is the way to go.

To go looking for a cache, visit and search for a cache hidden in an area near you. Use your handheld GPS to find your way to the given coordinates. From there it becomes even more of a treasure hunt as you search for the cache.

Some people just trek to find the location of a cache. But the real excitement is geocaching's idea of "take something, leave something". After you find the cache (often hidden in a waterproof container) you can take something from the cache and leave something of your own for the next person. Also, you can sign the logbook to show that you found the hidden cache.

Talk about a treasure hunt! You can really see how this can be an exciting adventure. It makes me want to jump in the 4x4 and go hunting now.

In any state in the U.S. you can take your 4x4 and go for a treasure hunt with geocaching. Find different caches in places you have wanted to visit and head out to find another treasure.

Geocaching is an adventure that has been rapidly growing in popularity. With the availability of a wide range of handheld GPS receivers it is now easier than ever to become a treasure hunter with geocaching.

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