Earls Restaurant Review

Earls Restaurant Review
Grande Prairie provides you with many options when it comes to dining, many of which are pretty safe choices. Most will leave you feeling full and satisfied but there is some that will leave you demanding your money back. The Grande Prairie location of Earls falls under the latter category and for many reasons.

Though some people swear by dining at Earls I myself do not have much good to say at all, in fact I would advice any who ask not to subject themselves to the experience. Between horrible service, hazards and food poisoning, Earls is only a choice to be made if you really want to truly punish yourself.

Each time I have gone I have experienced one horrible event after another. You would think that after the first time I would put an end to it and never go back but I went again on the hope that they were having a bad day. Sadly after giving them repeated chances my views have remained the same. What would give me such a bad opinion of this restaurant? Well that's fairly easy to answer.

One night we spent over an hour just sitting at our table before our drink orders were taken, we then faced a 45 minute wait for the drinks to arrive. By this time the whole table was somewhat annoyed and I will not even get into the wait we had to get our food orders taken. I would have been more forgiving if the place was packed. I was once a waitress and I understand what its like to get swamped with hungry customers, but this was far from the case. Besides us and two other small families the place was empty and there were six waitress' just standing around talking.

On our next trip we were really crossing our fingers hoping that Earls would redeem its name but proved to be just as UN-enjoyable..if not worse! Our waitress was far more busy flirting with the guy at the table beside ours then taking our order. In fact she made it perfectly clear that we were a major inconvenience for her. When my fiance ordered a lime for his Corona she stormed off and returned 10 minutes later literally throwing it on the table hard enough it almost fell off the other side. She spent the rest of our meal sitting on the lap of the guy at the other table and did not once ask how our meals were or if we would like drink refills. Before we completely finished eating she was packing things up (we were on the patio) and glaring at us as if we were there two hours after close when in reality we were there at seven, hours before closing. She slapped down our bill without asking if we would like anything which put desert completely out of the question and then ran off to sit with the guy once again (who was by this time very drunk and she was very much all over). I guess this scene was supposed to count as free entertainment?

Now most people would never return here again, but I needed to meet with some people and ended up going (but very sceptically) I am glad to say that the service this time was much better then the times before but the fact that we were seated in a booth with exposed wires ended up overshadowing this little enjoyment. I spent the whole time trying to keep my very curious 17 month old son from playing with them. This occasion also gave us a round of food poisoning as remembrance of the trip.

As far as food quality goes Earls is hit and miss. I can honestly say that I have had great meals there but I have also had many horrible ones (including ones which induced food poisoning later). Despite the menu being reasonably priced I would never recommend Earls to even my worst of enemies, due to the many horrible experiences I have endured. I strongly suggest that you either save your money or choose a different restaurant when thinking of going to Earls its a decision you will not soon regret.

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