Gauntlet: Dark Legends

Gauntlet: Dark Legends
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is yet another in a long line of fantastic games. I admit it, I was a HUGE addict of the original Gauntlet, with the Green Archer Needs Food Badly.

When Gauntlet came out for the Nintendo, I bought it immediately and played it non stop for hours and hours. I came across G:DL when it was first released and without examining the box much at all, it was MINE. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed!

This is the first game we played with more than two people on our Playstation 2 - we bought the MultiTap explicitly for this game. It's a blast! And the improvements are astounding. First off, you get up to eight main characters. I have always loved the archer, but I play the others at times too. As you move them up levels, their appearance changes, they get cool familiars, their spells get more powerful, they learn new abilities, they get to heal, and much more.

The levels are both familiar and fascinating. Just wait until you get into the Jester's world! The Escher-like levels are phenomonally fun. Someone really had a good mastery of space to develop those worlds. The other graphics are equally as interesting. The music and monsters all fit well with the worlds.

It's not just hack and slash. There are a lot of puzzles, a lot of what-do-you-use-keys-on, a lot of mazes and memory and combinations involved. There are even hidden characters, additional SECRET characters and other hidden things that it's taken a ton of replaying to get a walkthrough written. The same is completely replayable and is a perfect friends-for-the-afternoon kind of game.

I enthusiastically recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good arcade game!

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