What To Do In Five Minutes

What To Do In Five Minutes
The top time management experts know all about getting the most out of the time available. However, if you had just five minutes, what would you do with it?

Many people feel that five minutes is not sufficient time to do anything worthwhile and they never get round to actioning the jobs or chores that accumulate over time. More often than not this is because you feel that the task will take so long that there is no real point in getting started.

In fact, this self development article shows that you do not need that much time to get a significant amount done. Taking little steps (e.g., doing something in those odd five-minute periods) can take you closer to your bigger goals in life, especially if they are focussed. Also, breaking down what might seem to be enormous tasks into smaller pieces can have a profound effect on your attitude towards those large jobs.

What To Do In Five Minutes – At Home

To get you thinking about what can be accomplished in just five minutes have a look at this list related to a home environment:

* Pay a bill
* Make a drink
* Do a pet chore
* Water your plants
* Make a sandwich
* Take out the rubbish
* Change that blown bulb
* Do a short sharp workout
* Sort out what needs washing
* Put all spare coins together
* Fix that little rip in your shirt
* Make that screen sparkle again
* Do an exercise that energises you
* Write someone a ‘thank you’ note
* Empty your car of unwanted items
* Clean out your handbag or manbag
* Put those dying batteries in the charger
* Write something in your diary or journal
* Go through a pending pile of paperwork
* Go for a brisk walk down the road and back
* Reply to someone you have been putting off
* Tighten the screws of a loose door, pan lid, etc
* Practice a particularly difficult phrase of music
* Check what is in your diary for the following week
* Take some photos of interesting things around you
* Scan a paper or magazine for ideas for work or home
* Clean up one small area of your desk, bedroom, kitchen, etc
* Take a break by completely relaxing every muscle in your body
* Practice breathing deeply to get more oxygen into your system
* Let your creative side loose and sketch whatever comes to mind
* Make your mind blank and write down the ideas that pop into it
* Do your nails, moustache, or whatever ‘beauty regime’ you fancy
* If you like making lists, compile one for the next most important things to do

The list above is related to a home environment and might come across as rather corny. The aim is to show you that you can be really effective in just a few minutes. When you apply this to your work or business life, spending small segments of time on things that are very focussed, you will find that much can be accomplished.

What To Do In Five Minutes - Self Development Summary

Throughout your life things accumulate around you that then sit there waiting to get done and you often feel that you simply do not have any spare time. When you start to break down tasks into discrete minutes, you find that you can start to tackle things. In just getting something done, no matter how small, you will be quite surprised about the effect this has on the rest of your time.

This self development article lists only a few of the many things you can do in just five minutes. Transferring this to your work or business life, if you break down major tasks into tiny segments of time, it is possible to accomplish much in just five minutes here and there.

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