FFXI News and Information

FFXI News and Information
Final Fantasy XI is eagerly awaited by millions of addicted FFX fans who have spent the weeks necessary to beat the game. Just what is FFXI and how will it be played?

On Line PC and PS2 Play
First off, Final Fantasy XI will be an ON LINE game. It will be released both on the PC and PS2. The PlayStation 2 is able to connect to the internet through a hardware upgrade which will be in stores shortly. So however the players currently connect to the internet in their home - either through a phone line or cable connection - that is what the PS2 will connect to. The PC of course will connect to the internet the way it normally does.

Players will explore the world of Vana'Diel with thousands of other players, taking quests, working cooperatively, battling enemies.

When Will It Be Out?
FFXI on the PS2 is already live in Japan, where more than 90,000 users are signed up. These are not casual users, either. At one point in time, over 55,000 of them were on line at the same moment! That's a larger population than many towns.

FFXI on the PC will be available in Japan in October. It won't be until early 2003 before the PS2 version is available in the US, and no news yet on when a PC version might be available.

What is the Game Like?
You get to choose to be male or female, and be one of many races. There are the tall, slender elves. There are Tartares which are like little gnomes. The Hume are human-like. The Galka are strong and muscular. The Mithra are very agile. You can ride chocobos and explore the world.

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