Dietary Causes of Acid Reflux

Dietary Causes of Acid Reflux
For many people, simply changing your food and drink habits can reduce or eliminate acid reflux flare-ups. Sounds too simple? Try this guide!

  • Poor diet:
  • How many times have you heard people say that they have an “iron stomach?” Giving no regard for what kinds of foods and how much fat is in the food you eat is an invitation for a sad tummy. A high fat diet is sure to be a culprit if you suffer from acid reflux. A much respected acupuncturist I once had coined the stomach as a “velvet pouch.” This is a perfect description and lends an enlightened perspective on the delicateness of our digestive system. Tip: High fat foods relax the LES and tax the gallbladder. This can be a major factor in causing your acid reflux. Stay away from fatty foods and dressings and you may notice a huge difference.

  • Eating too much:
  • Remember, your stomach is no larger than your fist. Over stuffing your stomach is an insult to its abilities and to the abilities of the LES to stay tight. Tip: Eat five small meals per day consisting of foods you tolerate well as opposed to three large ones and your tummy will thank you!

  • Caffeine:
  • Caffeine is a chemical which is present in coffee, decaf, tea, chocolate, cocoa and several medications. It relaxes the LES and leads to acid reflux. Caffeine is also present in decaf coffee. Tip: Try Beyond Coffee. It is a 100% organic coffee substitute that tastes like French Roast. It is available in many health food stores and online. Ask your doctor if any medications you may be on contain Theobromine(a cousin to caffeine.) If so, and if it is absolutely necessary that you take the medications, try switching to one that does not contain this chemical.

  • Drinking too much alcohol:
  • One drink a day should be alright. But it can vary from person to person. Tip: Cream based alcoholic drinks will coat and ease the stomach.

  • Food sensitivities or intolerance:
  • Different people can be sensitive or intolerant to different foods. If you suspect that certain foods are affecting your LES, get tested for food intolerance. Tip: Ask your Dr. about the MRT blood test. You can also begin by eliminating foods from your diet that you think may be the culprit. Tip: Many people do not tolerate night shade veggies (which are actually fruits!) Potatoes, tomatoes, the green pepper family, eggplant and paprika can cause a flare-up that lasts for hours. See my Eat Right For Your Type - Book Review

    Dressings and condiments that contain vinegar as well as many heartburn remedies such as ginger and peppermint can cause a flare-up, so avoid these things if you can't tolerate them. Some other culprits are onions, garlic and tomato pastes and sauces.

  • Eating when stressed:
  • You should never eat while feeling anxious or nervous. Even if you are eating the right foods, eating while stressed can cause a flare-up. Tip: If you are feeling anxious at meal time simply take a breather. Give yourself time to relax again before enjoying your meal.

    Chemical Causes of Acid Reflux

    *Please know that I am not a medical doctor or a health practitioner. I cannot diagnose your stomach problems nor can I guarantee a cure. I am here to share my knowledge, which applications have worked for me and to offer suggestions of where you may go physically, emotionally and spiritually for healing and self-empowerment. If you choose to explore alternative medicine, do not independently stop taking your prescribed medications. Always consult with your current doctor as well as your new practitioner when changing your medical program

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