Learn to Program with Phrogram

Learn to Program with Phrogram
For those who want to get up and running with Phrogram fast, check out this ebook written by Jon Schwartz, Walt Morrison and David Witus. This book teaches you how to use the Phrogram language as you create your own modern version of the classic Pong game.

Have you ever had a great idea for a computer game or have you created some great graphics that could be used for a game but you never saw your great ideas materialize because you didn’t know how to create that game? Most computer games are written in complicated programming languages such as C++ and Visual Basic. Well, there is a new kid on the block, called Phrogram, that might help you get that game off the drawing board. Phrogram is a new type of scripting language and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the amateur and hobbyist who wants to create their own computer games and other graphical applications. It comes in three versions; freeware, academic and commercial license.

Phrogram was originally designed for teaching computer programming, critical thinking and logic skills to children 10 years and older. But since its conception a few years ago, it has grown into a full-blown IDE with many uses including teaching programming to the novice at any age and testing prototypes of 2D and 3D graphical computer games without the need of complex programming. However, Phrogram can also be used to teach any subject such as math, science, art and language. The finished game or application is generated as a self-extracting file which makes it easy to use in teaching situations. Ohio State University is using Phrogram in a new course for their Computer Science program. Phrogram is easy to use because it is a “plain language” scripting language that works like the more complicated languages such as C++ and Visual Basic. The difference lies in the amount of code that must be written to create the games. You can get the same results with only need a few lines of Phrogram code that would take many more lines of C++ or Visual Basic.

The book’s first section introduces you to the Phrogram workspace and gets you started with a very simple example game. As you examine the code for this game line by line, you learn the programming “rules” for using Phrogram and how programming logic works. Each section of the book adds an additional level of difficulty until you have created the UFO Excape! game. When you are done, you will understand the game and also be able to use what you have learned to create other games.

Section 1: Typing and Running Your First Program in Phrogram

Section 2: How Your First Program Works

Section 3: Moving Your UFO on the Screen

Section 4: Bouncing Your UFO Around the Screen

Section 5: Keyboard Control of Your UFO

Section 6: Organize Your Program as It Grows

Section 7: UFO Escape! Your First Complete Game!

Section 8: Bonus Game: Pong!

Appendix A: Phrogram Language Examples

Appendix B: Glossary of Programming Terms

Jon Schwartz, Walt Morrison and David Witus are cofounders of The Phrogram Company and have worked in the field of computer technology for many years.

You can download the ebook from the Addison-Wesley website

You can download Phrogram from the Phrogram CompanyTM website.

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