The Joy of Plumbing

The Joy of Plumbing
'The Joy of Plumbing – A guide to living the life you really, really want' by Hattie Hasan is a book of self discovery and self belief. This self development book review sheds light on a book that is not about plumbing but about how the plumbing business gave Hattie the freedom she had always wanted. She shows you how to use this book (whatever your age) to take control of your life, to find hidden strengths and to resurrect lost confidence. It will also make you look at water and plumbing in a totally different way!

The Joy of Plumbing – A guide to living the life you really, really want

Hattie Hasan begins by talking about her passion for water - from its material assets to its great powers, e.g., "it carries our life force and our genes into the next generation." She takes you on a journey of self development (self belief and self discovery) explaining how this journey is "one of the most difficult and yet the most rewarding journeys you can go on."

In essence, it is her story of choosing a path against the acceptance of society – that of a female plumber. It is a story about initially wanting to please her parents by going to university and having an arranged marriage but then choosing to be her own person and carve out her own path in life.

Her personal story is about applying unsuccessfully for jobs (to work as an employee) and getting fed up of all the knocks on her self confidence and self esteem. She finally decided to list the pros and cons of working for an employer versus setting up her own business. The latter won and 'Stopcocks Business Scheme' for female plumbers was born.

She then takes you on her journey of starting up this business from scratch – from her first hand-drawn advert to the creation of a unique business that is changing the face of plumbing nationally and internationally.

The Joy of Plumbing – What it covers

Hattie explains that she "had no privileges, no special treatment, no help and no encouragement to do what I did." She shows you how you do not need large amounts of cash or tools to set up your own business. In fact, you will be surprised to learn just how little you do need to get going on your road to success. Also, in taking you through her self development experiences step by step, you realise that you can indeed achieve anything you set your mind to.

Her chapter entitled 'Why do customers love female plumbers?' is interesting from a factual point of view and is also very entertaining. She quotes some interesting facts like "Less than 3% of tradespeople are women and less than 1% of plumbers are women." She makes you think twice about all the other professions that you traditionally think of as 'male professions'. She celebrates gender differences with particularly interesting sections on:

* What makes a tomboy
* Why women are so different from men
* Why men and women approach the same problem in such different ways
* How women reinvent themselves constantly to fit into work & social life

Along the lines of becoming self-employed and running your own business, she discusses:

* The myths about female plumbers
* What customers want above all else
* The guilt that women in business have
* The great assets of being and staying flexible
* The importance of self discovery and self belief
* How the way that businesses are run today, suit women
* Why it is crucial to manage your work and social time
* Why people use (and very often prefer) female traders
* The particular assets that women have to set up a business
* Why females are so flexible in all sorts of business situations
* Why isolation is such a big issue for female plumbers (globally)
* Why you should not walk away from opportunities that scare you to bits
* Why being your own boss does not mean working all hours of the day (& night)
* What makes the bodies of females perfect for plumbing…right down to your fingers!

Most people who talk about their business speak in business jargon. Hattie makes you feel that she is speaking to you personally in down-to-earth language. She writes from the heart about her story of perseverance, self development, persistence, resilience and strength of character. What comes across strongly is her inventive nature and her passion for being an eternal student of life.

The Joy of Plumbing - Who is this book for?

Hattie Hasan initially wrote her book for women, aiming it at:

* Plumbers struggling to find work
* Plumbers wanting to take their expertise in new directions
* People reaching crunch-time and needing a break to set them free
* People thinking of becoming self-employed but too scared to make that first step

As such, I feel that this self development book would also be of value to men looking for a complete change in life.

The Joy of Plumbing – Self Development Summary

Hattie Hasan is "a huge fan of reinvention" and "living the life you choose." She says "If this book has inspired you to continue on with reinventing yourself as an ace woman plumber then I am very much looking forward to meeting you one day. If it has inspired you to reinvent yourself anyway but not as a plumber, then I am proud." This self development review gives an insight into a book that will make you look at water and plumbing in a totally different way!

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