Remember the episode of sex in the city when Carrie meets Aidan, likes him, and tries to quit smoking because he could not date a smoker? Remember how hard it was for her to quit because of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms?

This episode of the popular series brings to mind the dangerous effects of smoking, and also how difficult it can be to stop the habit of smoking.

In that episode, Carrie stated later to a friend that she was in "nicotine withdrawal hell" which caused her to run out of the restaurant and leave Aidan at the table to find the emergency cigarette in her purse. She smoked the cigarette out of desperation, even after it fell in a puddle in the street.

Quitting smoking was hard for Carrie, and it is for anyone. The nicotine withdrawal can cause severe symptoms for someone trying to quit.

A friend emailed me an article about a new product called Nicogel. I thought it might be worth sharing the information about this product as it seems it could possibly help those who are trying to quit smoking.

I do not smoke so I cannot attest to how this product works, good or bad. Mention of this product is listed for the purpose of sharing information, and is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor for your health care regimen.

What I learned about the product is that Nicogel is a handgel that contains nicotine. It can be used as a cigarette alterative to help a person gradually stop smoking by lessening the amount of nicotine needed over time, while also lessening the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

The company states that Nicogel is a reduced risk tobacco product, that is less harmful than smoking, and can possibly help someone in their efforts to stop smoking. One application of the product delivers nicotine onto the skin which is absorbed into the bloodstream, giving the same affect as smoking a cigarette.

Please be advised that nicotine is a harmful chemical to the body. Any nicotine product should be used with caution, and for a short period of time, for example while trying to quit smoking.

As a health editor, and someone who tries hard to promote good health and well being, I do not think that the use of nicotine is healthy. But I do think that the use of a reduced nicotine product for the purpose of trying to help oneself gradually break free of a harmful smoking habit could possibly be helpful.

The makers of Nicogel do not advocate smoking, and they want to help people to stop smoking. The product was created to help ween smokers off of dangerous cigarettes.

If you smoke, make a decision to quit, and dedicate yourself to doing one thing in the direction of improving your health each day.

When it comes to your health and well being, your doctor is one of your best friends who can direct you how to successfully quit. Do it for the future of your health, and also so that you can enjoy your life with loved ones.

Think of the alternative, which ultimately will be early death or an illness that can incapacitate you. Quitting smoking is one of the greatest things you can do for your health, and it is something you will always thank yourself for doing.

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