Power Your Diet nutrition-and-you.com Review

Power Your Diet nutrition-and-you.com Review
When I research nutrition facts for articles, I use many sources on the internet. As a person with a keen interest in both nutrition and providing my readers with high quality information, I am always seeking informational sources about various foods. Recently, I found a website that I would like to introduce you to. It is called Power Your Diet www.nutrition-and-you.com. Written under the “expertize of Dr. Umapathi Mangajji” the website seeks to provide nutritional information to help people manage their health. The site is easy to navigate. It has a blog and a lot of information about individual fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts and seeds,and oils, along with nutritional articles. It would have been nice to have nutrition information about dried beans, peas, and lentils. The only other downside that I see are the numbers of ads. Although, it doesn’t have more ads than many other websites.

Navigation of this site is done with clickable links along the left side. They take you to the main subject headings for the articles. Each subject heading lists clickable links to individual subjects. They are illustrated with photographs.

Here is a quick breakdown for each of the main subject headings that relate to sandwiches:

Blog:--Current information about various aspects of nutrition is featured here.

Fruits:--This section gives you fruit information facts and the benefits of eating fruit. It tells how much fruit you should eat. There are informational pages on forty-five different fruits. These pages give the nutritional facts, benefits of eating that fruit, selection and storage, with preparation and serving. There is a safety profile for any fruit that needs one. For instance, grapefruit can have adverse interactions with some drugs. Information is provided detailing when to avoid grapefruit. The source of this information is also given.

Vegetables:--This section follows the same basic format as the fruit section. There is information about forty-seven different vegetables from around the world.

Nuts and Seeds:--This section will let you know why “Nuts are a must!” The overall health benefits or nuts are explored. Plus, there are fact sheets for sixteen nuts and seeds.

Herbs:--“Healthy Herb Nutrition Facts” are presented in this section. There are twenty-four fact sheets for different herbs. Culinary herbs are also discussed.

Spices: --Healthy Spice Nutrition Facts are given for twenty-four different spices. There is also a selection on, “Why Spices in our diet?” The spices section shows culinary uses of spices, as well as their health uses.

Cooking Oils:--Both saturated and unsaturated fats are discussed. The uses of fat in the body and their limitations are reviewed. A table, “with in-depth analysis of some of commonly used dietary fats and oils:” is provided. Whether an oil is recommended is also part of the table. This chart can help you compare the nutritional values of these oils and make better decisions about which oil to use.

Each informational page has 2-7 ads on it. They are not the irritating pop-up or pop-under ads. The most distracting ads are in the middle of the page. As on many sites, the ads seemed to be based on my recent internet searches. I know that having ads tailored to what you search for makes sense on a practical level. However, it makes me feel like somebody’s looking over my shoulder as I am traveling down the information highway. Emotionally, that intrusiveness does not work for me.

In addition to being easy to search, this is a lovely website. Clean looking, with great photos, it is a delight for the eye and mind. It is filled with information about familiar and exotic foods. That beautifully presented information makes it a lot easier to put up with the Ad Choices ads.

To visit the site, use this link:
This will take you to the index of Power Your Diet www.nutrition-and-you.com

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