Spiders and Self Development - What We Can Learn !

Spiders and Self Development - What We Can Learn !
Spiders live quietly in our world yet there is much we can learn from them from a self development and personal growth point of view.

Spiders are adaptable

Spiders live in every habitat on earth except the polar caps, the oceans and the very highest mountains. They have adapted to living in specialised habitats like caves, between rocks, the nooks and crannies of homes, etc., and build their web in whatever space they have. However hostile the environment, they have adapted. Like them, move with change and adapt yourself to new surroundings.

Spiders welcome new experiences

Spiders are good travellers. Their silk threads are caught by the wind, and some travel long distances across land and sea. When they reach new horizons they simply rebuild their life. Getting out of your comfort zone brings you new experiences and adds to your personal development. Spiders do not know the outcome of those journeys. Like them, just go with the wind, do not fear the unknown and enjoy the new challenges.

Spiders have persistence and perseverance

Spiders never give up. You dust down their webs or hoover them up but within days they have returned. They always find a way back no matter how many times their ‘home’ is destroyed. It is as if they are invincible. Like them, persist and persevere until what you want comes to fruition.

Spiders work creatively towards their goals

Spiders' webs have great architectural beauty - intricate with beautiful designs. The ultimate aim of the web is to catch prey and the spider spends most of its time preparing for that catch. Open your mind to creativity and look for new ways to achieve your goals and to achieve greater success.

Spiders do not fear competition

Webs are often found built quite close to each other. Spiders do not worry about how their web appears to others and are not afraid of building them where they want to. In fact, they do not appear to fear anything and defend their home against the largest intruder! Like them, do not waste precious time worrying about the competition and constantly thinking about how others are progressing. Just make your own way in life. This is one of the keys to true happiness.

Spiders know when to move on

If a spider cannot build its web in one place it will move elsewhere. If something is not working, do it a different way. It is important to know when to move on and not spend unnecessary energies on activities that do not take you closer to your personal, business or life goals. If there is an aspect of your life you are not happy with, have the courage to make some change. This will improve your physical health, emotional health and emotional wealth no end.

Spiders do not delay taking action

Moments after a spider’s web is damaged, it starts repairing it. Like them, fix things as they happen. You can give yourself all sorts of excuses as to why you should not or need not take action. Most of these are related to the fear of moving out of your comfort zone or the fear of the unknown. If something needs to be done, do it as soon as possible. This is crucial to maintaining happiness.

Spiders develop their other senses

Although spiders have eight eyes many species can hardly see. Their amazing sensitivity to their environs is due to hair follicles on their legs. For your own self empowerment, learn about senses other than touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. For example, it has been found that people who develop their sixth sense do better in business and in life generally. They use their gut feeling to the fullest. (Your heart may tell you one thing, your head another, but what you feel in your gut is always right.)

Spiders and Self Development - Summary

There is much we can learn from spiders. Let them be your business mentor, professional mentor and personal mentor. Learn from the way they live their lives and you will see significant changes in yours.

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