Full Sap Moon of March

Full Sap Moon of March
Waxing moon period: 2/26/2015 to 3/4/2015
Waxing first quarter moon: 2/25/2015
Full Sap Moon: 3/5/2015
Waning moon period: 3/6/2015 to new moon 3/19/2015
Waning last quarter moon: 3/13/2015
New Moon: 3/20/2015
Observations: The sabbat of Ostara occurs this month.

For Wiccans, March is a time of unpredictability, shifting of the seasons, and surging energy. Now the sap is rising in the trees and the spring equinox is at hand. You must choose, organize, and bless your upcoming projects. On the night of the full moon, perform a blessing ritual and work fertility magic. You know what they say about March – the month comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. To appreciate this saying, imagine the weather extremes that typically occur during March. In the beginning of the month, it is not uncommon to experience snowstorms that seem straight out of the depths of winter, but the month’s conclusion can unexpectedly usher in some balmy and mild weather that gives a pleasing glimpse of the beginning of summer. March is a month of extremes, chaos, and rapid change. All this metaphysical energy is reflected in its full moon, the Sap Moon, and you can tap this exciting potential for your spell work.

Your altar
Because the sabbat of Ostara happens this month, now is the time to forget about snow (even if it continues to blanket the landscape), turn your thoughts toward spring, and banish the color white from your altar. Instead, break out the fresh, clear, delicate pastel colors of spring. Ostara colors include pale shell-pink, pale forget-me-not blue, pale lemon yellow, pale leaf green, and violet. Drape your altar with a large cloth of pale green to represent the thawed Earth, which is renewed after the great sleep of winter. Add a smaller cloth in pink or blue or violet to represent the first flowers of spring, and another one, smaller still, in pale yellow to symbolize the Sun. Arrange the altar cloths so you can see all the colors. You can add some decorations in keeping with Ostara such as figurines of eggs, chicks, and rabbits, or keep your altar minimal to focus your attention on the moon.

Waxing Moon Magic
From the night after the new moon to the full Sap Moon:
This is a time of quickening, germination, and increasing fertility. All during the Waxing Moon time, your spell work should focus on increasing your creative energies. This is one of the best times to literally get pregnant. Or you could outline several intellectual or emotional projects that you wish to seed this year. The next step during the waxing moon period is to practice divination to determine how you should prioritize your projects according to their potential; you do not want to take on too much. Use techniques such as journaling, brainstorming (quickly generating spontaneous ideas), and meditation to get a clearer picture of what projects you want to work on, and how to balance multiple projects. Visualize your projects maturing through the year.

Full Moon Magic
During the night of the full Sap Moon, perform a blessing ritual for yourself and your projects to reach fruition this year. Follow this with a fertility ritual targeted specifically to your goals whether it is to bear a child, write a book, create a work of art, find a job, transform your level of physical fitness, et cetera. Your projects, which you sorted and organized during the waxing moon period, should be clarified by the night of the full Sap Moon.

Announce your specific intentions to the universe: you will achieve these certain goals this year. Consider taking a shamanic journey to the upper world to consult the gods who are patrons of the skills that you will be seeking to master – for example, Demeter or Frigge for motherhood or Brigid or Odin for writing. Or you could travel to the lower world to seek counsel from your ancestors or spirit animal.

Waning Moon Magic:
From the night after the full Sap Moon to the next new moon
During this time, you must release those projects that you decided during the waxing moon phase you cannot afford to pursue. Realistically, you have to give up your dreams of achieving everything in order to have the time to give your best to the goals that matter most right now. Make a note of which projects may have potential in the future.

Give yourself the time to mourn and fully release goals to which you know you will not return. These could be small goals or they could involve such life-changing events as deciding not to go back to school or have a second child. Never underestimate the emotional stress that you may face when you must give up certain dreams. Try to lay down sorrow and guilt so that you may step into your chosen future with no burdens and with full commitment. The waning March moon is a forgiving and contemplative time for you to come to terms with your decisions. Consider doing a banishing ritual to cleanse yourself of residual sorrow and insecurity before you enter the waxing moon phase of next month.

Curious about the names and qualities of all full moons of the year? See Names of the Twelve Full Moons

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