Defend the Faith!

Defend the Faith!

Would you like to become a better Catholic Apologist?

What do you do when someone asks, "Have you been saved?" or "Are you born again?" How do you answer? How should we, as Catholics, reply to these common Protestant questions? And how should we defend our faith with the anti-Catholics who so misinterpret our beliefs? It really amazes me that so many do misunderstand and believe the lies and misconceptions that abound. In researching links for this site I came across several websites claiming to profess the truth about Catholicism, but in reality they only harbor false "truths" about our faith. One such site that dreadfully misrepresents our Catholic faith is Chick Publications - Jack Chick tracts. In response to this "attack" of Catholicism, I recently came across the following website: Don't be fooled by Jack Chick Tracts.

So, what are we to do? First, make sure the sources we use for deepening our understanding of Catholicism are legitimate and represent the Church's true teachings. Second, I think we should learn as much as possible so we can adequately answer and defend our faith when such a situation arises.

I've collected some resources for the very purpose of helping us all become better Catholic Apologists.

Web Links

Una Fides - Apologetics for Catholics and Other Christians
Site is dedicated to the Gospel message of Christian unity through education and understanding.

Catholic Apologetics on the Internet
This site houses an extensive and excellent collection of links with a wealth of Apologetic and educational information.

Starting Out as an Apologist
Very good article from Catholic Answers designed to help one begin the task of training to adequately defend the faith.

Catholic Apologetics for Catholics and other Christians
Another great resource for expanding your knowledge and developing your apologetic skills which includes the following topics: Is the Bible Inspired?, The Bible Alone?, Are We Assured of Salvation?, The Papacy, The Eucharist, Purgatory, and Prayer and The Saints.

Apologetics & Evangelization Links
My collection under this subject includes such sites as Catholic Answers and Institute Applied of Biblical Studies, as well as other excellent resources for defending our faith. Also, in my Church History subject there are some other great apologetic resources, including How do we know The Catholic Church is the Church which Jesus Christ Founded? and Eucharist in the Early Church.

Other Resources

Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on Romanism by Bible Christians
By Karl Keating
In this book Keating defends the Catholic faith against charges brought on by those he calls "Professional anti-Catholics" - those who devote their time attacking "Romanism" - by using the authorities that non-Catholics would find convincing.

Apologetic Bible Cards - Sets 1 and 2
These convenient cards will help you learn and remember the scripture needed to better defend the faith. Each card features a common objection to Catholicism and includes the scripture to back up the Catholic teaching. Sets are also available individually. Set 1 addresses Mary, the Saints, Papacy, Tradition, Faith, Works, Salvation, Statues, Relics, and Purgatory. Set 2 includes the following topics: Baptism, Confession, the Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, Divorce, Priesthood, and Anointing of the Sick.

Answering Missionaries at Your Door
By Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Fr. Pacwa's crash course on false prophets and the fundamental beliefs of two of the fastest growing religious sects challenging Roman Catholicism are on 6 audio tapes.

Peace in Christ,
Melissa Knoblett-Aman

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