Flea Market Flip

Flea Market Flip
Who doesn’t love a good deal? Everyone does. However everyone doesn’t have the eye to see a diamond in the rough. Flea Market Flip is hosted by Lara Spencer (from Good Morning America) and broadcast on HGTV. It’s a show that highlights that people that can see the diamond in the rough. Two teams of two people compete for a $5000 bonus cash award by finding hidden treasures and up cycling them for a big profit.

With a budget of $500, each team is given 3 types of items that they need to seek out. For example, shabby chic or renewed purpose. The object is to spend as little money as possible on the yard sale items that they find. The team then refurbishes or reinvents the item, marks it up, and then sells it for a profit. Upgrades may include a coat of paint, adding a design, turning a cabinet into a bar, making a table into a set of chairs…there is really no limits to how creative the contestants get. The team who makes the biggest profit, including the money saved from the initial $500, wins the game.

It’s fun to see the teams haggle with the yard sale sellers when they are purchasing their items. Every dollar counts so the object is to buy as low as possible. At the end, each team marks up their items but will usually haggle with potential buyers when attempting to sell their refurbished items. The interesting thing is that there is no real way to determine if something is going to sell or not. Often times teams try to create pieces that appeal to a wide audience however some times very specific pieces end up selling if the team is lucky enough to find the right buyer.

After each sale, the viewer is shown how much profit was made however each team is kept in the dark about the amount of profit that the other team has made. There is a specified time frame. At the end of the time frame, all of the proceeds are counted up and both teams are told which team is the winner.

Flea Market Flip comes on HGTV and is also in syndication on County Music TV as well (CMT). You can also watch it on Amazon.

Catch the newest episodes on Hulu.

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