Full Honey Moon of June

Full Honey Moon of June
Waxing moon period: 5/29/2014 to 6/12/2014
Waxing first quarter moon: 6/5/2014
Full Honey Moon: 6/13/2014
Waning moon period: 6/14/2014 to 6/26/2014
Waning last quarter moon: 6/19/2014
New Moon: 6/27/2014
Observations: This year’s Honey Moon is supposed to be the largest and prettiest one in 100 years. Look for it on the horizon immediately after sunset.

The June full moon is the Honey Moon. This is also the month of Midsummer sabbat. Now your garden, both literal and symbolic (that is, your spiritual and worldly goals), should be thriving under your care as you provide the daily maintenance. June is a unique month for Wiccans. There is literally no other month in the year like June. Remember the spring frenzy of planning, planting, and thinning out the physical and symbolic seedlings? That is over and done now. Yet the first steps to the harvest season will not take place until next month.

Meanwhile, the growing season continues at a vibrant, sensuous pace – handling itself and not requiring much assistance from us. This is very different from the cold, contemplative months of winter. Now is the time to feel most alive and to give in to the gods-blessed urge to play and enjoy ourselves. We should turn our attention to romance, love, sex, and worldly pleasures. Heap our plates high with the bounty of summertime. Drink and be merry because winter will soon come with inevitable swiftness (especially after the pivot point of Midsummer when the days grow ever shorter and the nights longer). Now is the time to luxuriate in being alive and being loved.

Your altar
Dress your altar with a large cloth of yellow to symbolize the honey and summertime. You could also add smaller cloths in light-green or with a flowered pattern on a light-green background. Turn each cloth diagonally so you can see the points of all. Decorate your altar with roses, the flowers of love and romance, which should be blooming in profusion now. You can also add golden trinkets and figurines to symbolize bees, hives, and honey. Consider setting out a small dish of honey that you can pour onto the ground in your garden afterward as an offering to the earth. Because Midsummer sabbat also falls within this month, you could make one altar to celebrate both the full Honey Moon and the sabbat.

Waxing Moon Magic
From the night after the last new moon to the full Honey Moon:
Maybe you don’t want to work magic this month since you would rather relax and enjoy yourself after experiencing the scramble of spring planting and before diving into the frenzy of the harvest. I think the gods would approve. However, since this is a month of romance, you could work summoning magic to attract someone special into your life. You could also work on increasing the passion between you and your current sexual partner.

Full Moon Magic
What better time than the night of the Full Honey Moon to perform sex magic? You can channel the sexual energy that you and your partner raise back into strengthening the health of both of you and the closeness of your bond. You can put the energy into a project that you are working on. Or you can offer it up to your patron god and goddess in gratitude for all their blessings.

Waning Moon Magic
From the night after the full Honey Moon to the next new moon:
Again, you might rather relax this month than work magic, and the gods would surely approve. This month of June is your lull between periods of hard work, whether physical or spiritual. If, however, you do want to work magic, focus on gently identifying and banishing the blocks that stand between you and pleasure, sex, and romance. This can mean letting go of emotions such as resentment, fear, and guilt. Be good to yourself and let yourself realize that you deserve love and companionship.

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