Start New Project In Carrara 6 Assemble Room

Start New Project In Carrara 6 Assemble Room
When you explore DAZR CarraraTM 6, or any other 3D graphics program, you will notice that the user interface and tools are not as intuitive as you will find in 2D graphics programs. For some reason, the addition of that third plane takes everything to a higher level of complexity. That reason, of course, is the power of geometry. But, we a not going to worry about math because the Carrara software is designed to let you create in 3D without any knowledge of math.

Most 2D graphics programs have one workspace with several palettes or panels that contain the many tools, and their controls, that you will need to create digital art. The Carrara program has five workspaces, called "rooms". They are the Assemble, Model, Storyboard, Texture and Render rooms. Each room has a specific purpose in the production process and the tools available in each room reflect that purpose. Having more than one room to work in might seem strange at first. However, once you have worked in Carrara for awhile, you will realize that these rooms make your life better. If all the tools and panels were in one workspace, it would be extremely confusing. The rooms make our 3D world a little easier to navigate.

In this tutorial, we will begin to explore the first of the five rooms, called the Assemble Room. This is the room in which you will find yourself when you begin a new project in Carrara. To start a new project, click File – New from the Menu bar. This will open the New Document dialog box where you have three choices which are Presets, Landscape Wizard and Empty Scene. We will work with the Presets and Landscape Wizard in a later tutorial. For now, choose Empty Scene and you will find yourself in the Assemble Room. Let's explore this room from the top down.

I have never encountered a software program that did not have the Menu bar along the top and Carrara is no exception. To the right of the Menu bar are five Room Buttons that you will use to navigate between the rooms. You will always know where you are because the current room is displayed to the right of these buttons.

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