Godiva Sugar Free Chocolate Assortment

Godiva Sugar Free Chocolate Assortment
The name of Godiva is world famous in the chocolate business. Godiva's sugar-free assortment of chocolates brings the high end chocolate flavor to the world of sugar-free eating.

The box is silver with gold accents and holds 9oz / 255g of chocolates. This is 18 pieces total. These are not randomly shaped and sized chocolates. Rather, they are all circular in nature, about the size of a dollar coin, and perhaps a bit less than a half inch tall. They have thin streaks of chocolate on top of them and are of four types:

sugar free chocolate with almonds
sugar free dark chocolate with almonds
sugar free chocolate with pecans and crisped rice
sugar free dark chocolate with pecans and crisped rice

So it's fair to say ALL of these have nuts in them and anyone with nut allergies should stay away from this mix.

All of them are "hard" chocolate - they are like a candy bar in consistency, perhaps a little crunchier than that. They are certainly very good tasting! Godiva lives up to its high quality name, as usual.

The sweetener here is maltitol, a sugar alcohol. Anyone with sugar alcohol sensitivities - or who has not eaten sugar alcohols recently to acclimate their digestive system to them - should start SMALL. Maybe just one chocolate. Let your system get used to them before eating the full three-chocolate serving.

Every serving has 19g of maltitol plus 2g of dietary fiber. That leaves only 2g per serving of net carbs - which is very impressive for a chocolate treat!

There are 15g of fat with 8g of those being saturated. There are no trans fats in this.

You get 35% of your daily calcium by eating these, and 10% of your iron! Chocolate is good for you!

On the down side, there are very limited options in the box. It's not much of an assortment. There are almonds and pecans. I'm not a big fan of milk chocolate so for me I only eat half of the box and foist the rest on my boyfriend. He doesn't mind helping me out with this.

Still, Godiva is delicious and it's good they have something available for people who are avoiding sugar!

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