Tam-x-icos Lo-Carb Wheat Tortillas

Tam-x-icos Lo-Carb Wheat Tortillas
Tam-x-icos Lo-Carb Wheat Tortillas are about 12 inches in diameter and have 5g of net carbs each. We find these great for making quesadillas and pizzas.

There are eight tortillas per package and each one is considered a serving. They have no saturated fat, no trans fat, and only 4.5g of fat in total. There is no cholesterol, 300mg of sodium, and 5g of protein. For carbs, there are 4g of fiber and 5g of net carbs per serving.

That's a great combination - plenty of fiber to keep you healthy, and only a few carbs to affect your waistline!

In cooking situations, the Tam-x-icos are very much like real tortillas in terms of texture, flavor, and the way they react to baking situations. We have tried many tortilla brands over the years - both low carb and regular - and these do quite well.

If someone was not told this was a low carb product, I really doubt they would ever know.

They are not made with "Bizarre ingredients" either. The ingredient list starts with water, whole wheat flour, enriched blanched flour, canola oil, soy fiber, soy protein, oat fiber, and then you get down into smaller things such as wheat gluten and baking powder.

Here's a great recipe for using the tortillas as a low carb pizza!



1/4 cup double-garlic tomato sauce
1/8 cup baby bella mushrooms
2 Tbsp bacon bits
1/8 cup mozzarella

Note that all these measures are completely up to you. You can make the pizza less saucy, more high on cheese, or use different toppings.

Pour double-garlic tomato sauce onto the tortilla, add in a small handful of baby bella mushrooms, sprinkle on real bacon bits, and top it all of with some mozzarella cheese.

Warm up a pizza stone to 400F. Once it's warm, cook the pizza for 6-7 minutes.

Cut into quarters and enjoy!

The carb count of this - besides the 5g net carbs - is completely up to what you put on it. The bacon and mozzarella are both zero carb so it depends what type of sauce you choose to use, and if you choose to use mushrooms.

NOTE: Many people have written me asking where they can get the tortillas. What you should do is go into your local store and, if they don't have them, explicitly ask at the customer service desk for them to carry the brand. Stores really do listen to their customers and with any luck they will start stocking them for you.

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