USB Hand Warmer Computer Gloves - Review

USB Hand Warmer Computer Gloves - Review
I just received a pair of Winnie the Pooh (off brand) heated, fingerless USB glove warmers. I am really happy with these fuzzy blue gloves. I am wearing them right now. To put them on, open the Velcro tabs on the bottom and slide in your hands. There are holes on each side for thumbs and pinky fingers. Plug the USB cord into your USB outlet. That's it.

I can plug this directly into my netbook, or into any USB port. I have a USB port on a little solar unit that I can use with this, so it can be as portable as I need it to be. I also have a small cranking USB charger and I could even suck energy from that during the nighttime or on cloudy days. I like the versatility a USB port gives me.

USB devices tend to use very low wattage compared to normal AC plug in appliances. I need to find out exactly how many watts these gloves use, since the package they arrived in doesn't display this information. I'll call the company, find out, and add my update here.

- They're cozy and heat up very quickly. The warmth is not too hot or too cold on the backs of my hands. I can definitely feel the comforting heat radiating out from the gloves within a few minutes. I can really hope the heat continues to work (USB heating appliances have a tendency to stop working after a bit).

- I was really happy with the price. Even with the shipping cost, these gloves are still the best price I could find for USB hand warmers. If you can handle having cutesy gloves, this is an excellent buy.

- Personally I don't mind the cuteness. It makes me smile and the blue velvety material is very soft and cozy. I feel like I have paws. :)

- It's still very easy to use the computer mouse, since the bottom of the gloves have no padding, just a thin layer of fuzzy material. The tops of the gloves are padded, which is fine and helps retain the heat.

- These are not children's size gloves. They fit fine on my small adult women's hands. I think a man could manage to get his hands in them, since there is a Velcro tab that expands. I suppose if one has very large hands they could just leave the tabs open.

- A very cool part of the tabs under my wrist is that they are also padded, so they help make a comfortable little 'pillow' that feels ergonomically comfortable.

- When wearing the gloves, it's easy to remove the cords from the 'paws' and unplug the USB unit. So you could wear these without using the heater if you wanted to walk around but retain your hand heat.

- Since the cords are tethered together near my hands, I only have about a foot's distance between them for actually using my hands. I am adapting by remembering to use my hands together, so I do not pull apart the cord. I really would like this product to last. :)

- There are 'bear ears' on the sides of both gloves, which make it a wee bit hard to see the keys on my keyboard. I do know where the keys are without looking, but if someone did not, this would make typing pretty difficult. I will caveat that I use a small netbook, so my keyboard is smaller than for most people.

One more note: You do have to connect the cords to the gloves before slipping them on. It's very awkward to try to connect the cords to the gloves while wearing them. So this is just a matter of getting used to the process of putting them on.

My overall thoughts: I bought these USB gloves specifically to use with my solar heating system. My goal is to decrease my home wattage to the point where I put the home studio on solar power only.

I'm reading about creating heat bubbles around one's workspace, where you heat your hands, feet and face, and then wear a lap blanket and sweater to complete the heated computer space. It's an exciting project! I have a plug-in DC thermal flannel blanket for my lap (or to sit on), and will be looking into low wattage USB personal heaters next.

So far I am thrilled with these silly, cute little gloves and imagine they will be an integral part of my winter system.

I was able to find these warming gloves on Amazon:

Dislaimer: I bought these gloves using my own money for this review.

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