Stage Presence - Review - Karen Hagberg

Stage Presence - Review - Karen Hagberg
Stage Presence From Head to Toe (A Manual for Musicians) was written by Karen A. Hagberg for musicians. It was aimed at instrumental and vocal music performers (soloists, small ensembles, large ensembles, orchestras, etc.) and, in essence, covers how to leave a lasting impression on your audience. However, it caught my eye from a completely different perspective - Self Development and Personal Growth - as explained below.

Stage Presence From Head to Toe - What does it cover?

The book is 'easy to read' and succinct, covering topics such as:

* How to rest beforehand
* How to look after your body diet-wise
* Preparing for the performance
* Things to do on the day
* Items to take with you
* How to enter and leave the stage
* How to act when on stage (performance etiquette)
* Attending to the details like not wearing noisy shoes
* Gestures and mannerisms to avoid
* The dress code
* How not to distract the audience
* How to hold your instrument when not playing
* Facial expression
* Body language
* How to accept applause
* How to deal with mistakes gracefully
* How to communicate with other musicians
* How to liaise with people backstage
* Ways to prevent 'judges' from eliminating you
* And more...

Stage Presence From Head to Toe - Who is it for?

The book was written primarily for musicians as they belong to a professional group that do indeed have to go that one step further in order to stand out from the competition and achieve the success they desire. If you know very little about musicians this book also gives you an insight into what happens behind the scenes and all the preparation that goes on to produce that polished recital. As mentioned in this self development article it essentially shows you how to look as confident as you can and how to make your audience feel most at ease.

Stage Presence From Head to Toe - Self Development aspects

From a self development point of view this book makes you realise that your 'stage presence' is assessed at every interaction you have, whether you are presenting to a vast audience or are in a one-to-one meeting. If you read the list above again you will see it actually covers points that would be useful for any 'presenter' whether you are presenting to a hall of thousands (e.g., at a symposium), to just a few people (e.g., at an interview) or even to just one person (e.g., on a date!)

It is for this reason it caught my eye. I felt it had some very valuable, self help tips for not just musicians but for anyone who has to give a presentation, whatever their occupation, field or profession. Taking a step further, the information can be used to make a significant impact on how you can take your self growth and personal development up a notch and present yourself in the possible best light, whoever you are communicating with.

Stage Presence From Head to Toe - Self Development Summary

Whether you are in the business of making music or not, this book covers techniques and tips for leaving a lasting impression on an audience of one or of thousands. You can use it to develop your personal growth as it is a great little self development tool.

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