Monitoring Teens Online

Monitoring Teens Online
How can you be sure that your preteens and teens are surfing the web safely? Do you know who your child talks to online? Are you worried that someone may try to exploit your child? Are you ignorantly bliss about the dangers that present themselves on the World Wide Web?

The best action any parent can take in keeping a child safe is to educate. Educate your children about the dangers lurking in cyberspace – predators. Child predators are sitting at home waiting for children to log on and go to their social networking sites where many children will talk to someone they believe is a friend around their age.

The reality is that the person who is talking to your child online may not be another teen but a grownup pretending to be a teen. The web is hugely anonymous and that means people often feel safe to tell people things they may never say if they were talking in person. Then the easy access to cell phones now allows children to connect to strangers online without the parental radar alarming.

The reality is an online chat can become a friend one talks to on the cell phone and then one day the friends decide to meet in real life. Teens are immortal in their minds and inherently trusting of what is told to them. They do not have the real world life experience to question what is being said and pick up on the signs that may be indicating a story is not true.

Teens often believe adults are just like them and may not be concerned if approached online or in real life. People often experience red flags which are signals to them that something is not right, but women especially tend to quiet that little voice chiming in and ignore the signs, until it is too late.

So how can a parent monitor online activity and watch for an unhealthy relationship developing online. There is monitoring software that will send you copies of online conversations and email. If then a parent sees something that is a concern they can continue to monitor the situation and even block select websites and people from being accessed by your child.

The monitoring software is made by Spectorsoft and called eBlaster. The eBlaster software will watch over your child even when you cannot. Are you wondering if it is a violation of trust with your child to monitor their online activity? That is a decision each parent must make personally. In the end if it prevents a child predator from hurting your child then it is a small price to pay to keep your child safe. That is what we do…as parents. We protect them and SpectorSoft simply gives you the tools to do just that in a dangerous world.

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