Orchids And Lockdown

Orchids And Lockdown
This may sound a bit odd but the present pandemic has done a world of good to living things, except humans. Air is cleaner, the sky is clearer and we are able to see distant mountain peaks that were not visible earlier. Birds and insects are back in our cities, though I am yet to see the fireflies (I miss them so much). Bees are buzzing more. Water is cleaner, so much so that the dolphins, otters, swans, and ducks are back in many places around the world. The cities are quieter. This dramatic reduction in noise is more pronounced during the day than at night. Nights are silent, but days.... these are filled up with musical bird calls.

And have the orchids fared any better? You bet! They definitely seem to be enjoying it. It is you who’s made the difference. You are home for a much longer period than ever before, probably tending to your orchids more often. Though we keep saying that orchids are hardy plants and do not require much attention if adequate light, water, and nutrition is provided, but who does not like a bit of more attention? The time spent with them is the time well spent.

But remember, moderation is the key. Watering needs to be done regularly punctuated with dry periods in between. Do not over water, even if it is summer now. Water drainage is essential and avoid waterlogging. Nutrition needs your attention, go with the principle of ‘weakly weekly’. Though organic fertilizers should be preferred chemical fertilizers can also be used. If using chemical fertilizers then please use in rotation, that is so because each chemical fertilizer provides a specific set of nutrients. So to give balanced nutrition of all the micro and macronutrients to the orchids you will need to feed them different fertilizers in a rotation. Summer flowering orchids will require higher doses of fertilizers than the winter flowering ones, as the latter is now in the dormant phase of growth.

Hope every one of you has shifted your orchids to cooler areas with adequate sunlight, now that the temperatures have risen. Just do not keep the orchids where the sun is scorching hot, areas with partial sunlight are better. Not much needs to be done for the air requirements of the orchids. It is already so much cleaner, however, do make sure that air circulation is satisfactory. That’s quite important.

Keep the company of your plants, orchids included. They have a positive effect on our minds and health. Keep healthy and safe. Pray for better days for all of us, humans, and God’s other creatures. God be with all of you.

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