Civil Rights Violated by Los Angeles City Council

Civil Rights Violated by Los Angeles City Council
Jamiel Shaw, II was gunned down at the age of 17 just a few doors down from his home. An aspiring football player, he was courted by several colleges and universities and his future and scholarship opportunities looked bright. The son of a devoted father and a mother who is on active duty in the Middle East, there was little that would have stopped this young man – until he came in contact with one of Los Angeles’ copious gang members.

Allegedly pulling the trigger was 19-year young gang member – and illegal immigrant – Pedro Espinosa whom the police are connecting to the 18th Street Gang. While Jamiel Shaw, II had no gang ties nor any interest in establishing them, Pedro Espinosa sought out the young man as he was walking home and gunned him down in cold blood.

How is the Los Angeles city council violating the rights of its citizens in general and Mr. Shaw, II in particular, you ask? First and foremost by refusing to protect them from the imported crime and thugs are crossing the border illegally each and every day. Secondly by not taking the mandate to serve and protect the lawful more serious and instead err on the side of the budget by keeping a skeleton crew of police personnel on the streets and frequently shortening sentences in light of jail overcrowding.

Mr. Espinosa, an illegal immigrant, had been released a scant 28 hours before the murder of the young man from jail where he served 180 days on gun related charges. Adding insult to injury, when the Shaw family sought to introduce legislation that would but a chink in Los Angeles’ sanctuary city flirtation, the city council was covertly (and overtly) vociferous in its agreement that no proposal would be welcomed at this time.

Sure, young Mr. Shaw’s civil rights had been violated, he was the victim of a racially motivated hate crime, the murderer did break federal law before he even set eyes on his victim, and Mrs. Shaw is on active military duty at this present time, yet any proposal that would have permitted police to inquire into the immigration status of a confirmed gang member and then pass on their findings to ICE and other agencies is too contrary to the position of the city council and the mayor to consider.

Where does this leave L.A.? It leaves the thugs roaming the streets free and clear, it leaves the gangbangers in charge and the law abiding hidden in homes with bars on windows, it shackles the police department and prevents them from doing their duty, and it turns the streets of Los Angeles into the killing fields where non-citizen thugs enjoy more protection and freedom than law abiding citizens! Shame on the city council and the mayor for not acting and doing the right thing!

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