Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe
There are sandwiches that you can grab and eat on the go. Some sandwiches are definitely a sit-down meal. When is it proper to eat a sandwich with a fork and knife? When it is a hot roast beef sandwich that’s complete with mashed potatoes! Called by many names like Blue Plate Special, Hot Roast Beef, and Open-Faced Hot Roast Beef, it’s an old-fashioned festival of comfort food. Dub it with your favorite name, but you can always call it delicious!

This hot roast beef sandwich starts with a seven bone roast. That’s a type of chuck roast with a bone that’s shaped like a fancy number seven. You may use a boneless chuck roast, if you prefer. For maximum flavor, look for a piece of meat with fat marbling throughout, but without large chunks of fat. Cooked slowly in a crock pot, this roast is succulent and perfect to put into a sandwich. It even cooks in its own gravy. What could be easier than that?

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe


3 pounds of 7 bone or boneless chuck roast
2 tablespoons of oil
½ cup of hot water
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
Pepper to taste
8-16 ounces of sliced fresh mushrooms (optional)
Mashed potatoes (Use your favorite recipe. You’ll need about ½ cup per sandwich.)


Plug in your crock pot and turn the dial up to high. Put the lid on it.

Heat a heavy skillet and add the oil. Place the roast in the skillet and brown it to a medium brown. When it’s brown enough, after about four minutes, it should be easy to turn over. Turn the roast over and brown it on the second side. Remove the crock pot lid and transfer the roast to the crock pot. Add the hot water to the skillet and scrape the browned bits of roast off of the pan. Pour the water into the crock pot. This adds a bit of moisture and color to the gravy.

Open the cans of mushroom soup and spoon the soup over the top of the roast. It’s okay if some drips down into the water. Crush the onions in the soup envelope a bit before you open it. Open the envelope and sprinkle the dry soup mix over the mushroom soup. Sprinkle pepper over the soup covered roast. Place the sliced mushrooms (if desired) on top of the onion soup mix and pepper. Replace the lid and let the whole thing cook for about 5-6 hours. At the end of the cooking time, test the meat with a fork. It should be extremely tender. If it is not fork tender, let it cook for another hour. Don’t check the meat before it has cooked for at least 5 hours.

Carefully remove the meat from the crock pot to a cutting board or large plate. Chop up the meat that you want to use or pull it apart with a fork.

Serving Suggestions:

This sandwich needs a bread that lets the taste of the roast shine through. Use your favorite white bread. I like to use a bakery white bread or sourdough loaf. You may use the bread plain or toasted.

Closed Sandwich
Place a piece of bread on a dinner plate. Cover it with another piece of bread. Slice both diagonally. Remove the top slice of bread. Ladle gravy over the bottom piece of bread. Cover it with roast. Top the roast with the second piece of bread. Ladle gravy over the sandwich. You may serve mashed potatoes on the side. Add some gravy to those, too! Serve this with a salad or your favorite non-starchy vegetable.

Open-faced Sandwich
Place a piece of bread on the plate. Ladle gravy over the bread. Cover it with roast. Add a serving of mashed potatoes on top of the roast. Cover the whole thing with gravy. Serve this with a salad or your favorite non-starchy vegetable.

This is extreme comfort food that reminds me of special occasions in my childhood. A hot roast beef sandwich is a sometime treat, because I prefer to limit my intake of beef, white bread, and gravy. However, it is so delicious that I crave a hot roast beef sandwich from time to time. Savor your luscious sandwich and share the experience with a loved one.

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