Adobe Portfolio - Page Options

Adobe Portfolio - Page Options
Now that we have the site-wide options set for our Adobe Portfolio site, we can start adding pages and content to our gallery.

At this point, we have our default gallery, contact page and one external link in the Manage Content panel and the top nav menu (see screenshot). Let's add two pages to our default gallery.

  1. Click the Plus icon at the bottom of the panel and choose Page from the menu (see screenshot).

  2. Let's name the first page Templates and set the Destination to our default Portfolio gallery (see screenshot).

    When you click the Create Page button, you will see your new blank page, with another menu in the center of the page (see screenshot). Before we get started working on this page, let's go back to the Manage Content panel again.

    As you can see, we have our new page listed under the Portfolio gallery and also listed in the nav menu. Let's simplify the nav menu by not displaying this page link (see screenshot).

  3. In the Manage Content panel, click the small gear icon and choose Hide In Navigation.

    You should still be on your new blank page.

  4. Go back to the Manage Content panel and repeat the previous steps to add a second page to the gallery.

    The second page is placed above the first in the Manage Content panel. To change the order, drag a page to a new position in the list.

    Notice that the Floating Remote has changed (see screenshot). It now has tabs to Add Content, This Page, All Pages and Site-Wide. At this point, we are still working with global styles for the pages.

    We have already completed the settings in the Site-Wide tab. Let's select the All Pages tab.

    All Pages

    As with the gallery settings, we also have setting for the pages (see screenshot), including for the Page Container and Page Header. For the bottom of the page, we can set up a More In This Gallery image carousel and the Back to Top button. Finally, we have some settings for Media Content Styles.

    All Pages - Page Container

    In this panel (see screenshot), we can control the width, alignment and margins for the page container. For example, you might want to add left and right margins around your content on the page or have the content align to the left or centered on the page.

    All Pages - Page Header

    By default, the page title is displayed. You have the option to use the toggle button to turn off the header (see screenshot). If you choose to use the header, you can control width, alignment and margins for the header, as well as style the page title and description.

    All Pages - More In This Gallery

    This image slider feature is not available, until you have added more than one page to the gallery. As with the page cover graphics on the main gallery page, you can control the number of columns and width of the gutters (see screenshot). You also have the same controls that we used before to set the cover images, page titles, page dates and more.

    All Pages - Back to Top

    We have already seen this panel before for the Site-Wide options (see screenshot). Use this panel to style the Back to Top button as you did for the Site-Wide button or style it differently.

    All Pages - Media Content Styles

    In this panel (see screenshot), we can style text and media content on the pages, including Headers, Subheaders, Paragraphs, Captions, Text Links, Images, Text Blocks, Embeds, Videos, Audio and the Photo Grid.

    This Page

    Sometimes you might want to override the All Pages option settings. To do this, you will use the This Page panel (see screenshot). Basically, these settings are the same as the All Pages options. Most importantly, you will use the Edit Page Info panel (see screenshot) to add meta information about each page, to optimize your pages for search engines.

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