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Animal Crossing Walkthrough

At first glance, Animal Crossing seems to be a game for which you can NOT write a walkthrough. Everything is random! The quests you get are random, the items you find are random, and how you choose to decorate your own house is of course up to you. But there are some guidelines that can help gameplay go more smoothly, and there are special events that only happen once a year! Here's some help to let you get the very most you can out of your town!

Basics of Gameplay
About your House
General World Notes
Making Money
Things to Do

Notes about People
Interacting with the Townsfolk
Random People
One-Time-Each-Year People
All the KK Songs

Things to Collect
Fish Listing
Insect Listing
Painting Listing

Special Days Each Month

Screen Images
A Decorated Fruit Tree (Christmas Lights)
Samurai Armor and Link Sword
Snowman, Christmas Tree, Xylophone and Guitar
Bird and Misc Items
A Full Japanese Room
Museum Painting
Museum Dinosaur

Animal Crossing Review

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