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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Rainbow Butterfly Wood: Dungeon Levels

The general layout of this dungeon is the same as the first. The difference is that instead of some levels having 'channel keys', some levels have 'sticks' that let you get through 'cobweb walls'. As if your sword couldn't cut through cobwebs! And instead of a gate key for the end, you get a saw to saw down a tree to cross over a 1" high wall of grass :)

You start out in Sindain, talking to the Furbits. The 3 you meet are Conda, Rococo and Tobo. They want you to track down their 4 friends and "Holly". They give you Grape Juice. Ahem, this was WINE in the Japanese version, what do they think people in the US don't drink wine???

Conda the Furbit

Level 1: Frightning Forest
Bonus 1: time limit 4:45
Bonus 2: 70cm fish
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: clear only using Monica's sword
Ending: Scene with Max and Dad at huge table. They're rich. Mother is doing work far away. Max runs off.

Level 2: Strange Tree
Bonus 1: time limit 4:28
Bonus 2: 65cm fish
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: clear only using items
Ending: she gives you lots of crystals now. She gives the wrench 6 synthesis points.

Level 3: Rolling Shells
Bonus 1: time limit 4:30
Bonus 2: 46cm fish?
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: attack all using monica's magic
Note: red seal means Max has been chosen by the red atlamillia - you can't switch to him.

Level 4: Great Fish Swamp
This is sort of a boss level in the sense that there's no dungeon to slog through. It's just about FISHING!!! Be sure to read How to Fish. One of the Furbits gives you the rod and free bait. Just fish by the lillies to catch some priscleen. It should be pretty easy. Then cross the bridge and talk to Master Utan. TAKE HIS PICTURE. He says Mardan is in the big pond.

OK, back to Mardan's pond. Fish for him with a rotten apple. He is simply in love with himself!! Here's a good image of him with his self-love heart :)

Anyway TAKE HIS PICTURE and then give him one of the priscleen you caught. He'll release the Furbits. Go back to Master Utan and he'll clear the way for you to go on to the next level. But now is a good time to go back to the Furbit home and catch up on things.

Level 5: This is a Geostone?
Bonus 1: time limit: 5:00
Bonus 2: fish goal: 50cm
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: attack all with ridepod

Level 6: noise in the forest
Bonus 1: time limit: 4:10
Bonus 2: fish goal: 60cm
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: attack all with max's gun

Level 7: I'm a pixie
Bonus 1: time limit: 4:16
Bonus 2: fish goal: 66cm
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: attack all with items
geostone; blue seal - can't use Monica

Level 8: legendary killer snake
Bonus 1: time limit: 4:40
Bonus 2: fish goal: 49cm
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: attack all with ridepod
geostone - fork in the road. Note you can't take the star road until much later.

Level 9: grotesque spider lady
Bonus 1: time limit: 4:26
Bonus 2: fish goal: 50cm
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: attack all without healing

Level 10: rainbow falls entrance
Bonus 1: time limit: 4:00
Bonus 2: fish goal: 68cm
Bonus 3: ???
Bonus 4: attack all with Monica's sword
geostone - white seal, no healing

Rainbow Falls Boss Level
You're fighting the rainbow butterfly here. First, get the seed from the future-tree to plant in the water. Then have Monica turn into a flower in the first dungeon area of this map. To get her to do so, do the Adel townsperson mission and have her move into your village. In the future, there is now a shop that sells monster badges. Have Monica talk to the flower-monster Himarra and get the sundrop. Then come back here and use it on the flower to get it to grow huge. Make sure you take a picture of the flower's long stalk.

Now go up the white rope to the top of the flower. Take a picture of the butterfly in its full tate. Then kill the various tendrils of the flower in its center. This causes the butterfly to break up into colored fragments. Kill the fragments in rainbow order - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. You only have to hit each one once - distance weapons work well. Magic works really well. Then you find out the butterfly is Holly. Go back and tell the furbits.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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