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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Townspeople - Skills and Uses

Once you get a townsperson to join you, you can either use them as a party member or 'shop' from them in the train or in their home (whereever you move them into). Note that you can only have one party member at a time, and when they're a member of your party they have a status bar. For example, Priest Bruno can resurrect you if you die - but this doesn't mean you are constantly being resurrected! It means that he has that ability, but you have to use him from the character menu AND he has to have enough status points to be able to do the activity.

Here are the characters you can get and their abilities. For the list of HOW to get each character, refer to my Townspeople Request List.

mayor need - get money when killing enemies, exchange medals

sherrif - monster notes

parn - escape dungeons, sells paint

julie - bewitches, sells armbands

priest bruno - revive death one time, sell status recovery items

fabio - sells bait

corrine - always angel coin, sells hair ornaments

rosa - makes cheese, sells amulets

conda - sells geomod stuff

ferdinand - premium chicken, sells recovery items

claire - 2 to enemy rage, sells gift capsules

donny - opens locked doors and chests, sells repair items

stewart - heals automatically, sells max shoes

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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