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Dungeon Siege: Crystal Caves

The caves can be tough, lots of thin ledges and nasty monsters. Just go slowly and be sure to kill everything, so you can build up your characters. Rest and heal in between matches and don't jump into new battles. Especially when you hit the stone arches, move in cautiously and draw in a few to fight at a time. Don't fight them all. Head right to the special dungeon area.

This is a dungeon that involves levers and pressure to open and close doors. Put a donkey and another low level guy on the two plates in this room - the floor goes down in the top middle of the room to form stairs into the next room. Yup, there'll be a few of these in a row.

The next room has two plates, which slides down a wall which has the plate to open the stairs. The third room does the same, and there's lots of loot in the little room to the right.

The fourth room has tons of stuff after you sweep out the monsters, that really aren't that tough. There is a square in the middle of this room, but it doesn't give you new stairs or anything. A little room off to one side has a Fury's Eye in it. Note this is great for a multiplayer special Chicken quest later on.

That's it. Head out and along the other passageway. You'll hit another TP/DF sign. Again, send a single scout down to lure up a few monsters, slay them, then get some more. Don't try to wade into them all at once. There'll be a purple shadow lunger.

More monsters, and 2 purple shards near the end. Then you're out into the Dark Woods!

Note that the Fortress Kroth mission won't solve until Chapter 5 so don't worry about it here :)

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