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Fable Walkthrough
Fable is an *incredible* RPG that allows you to completely shape your world through your actions. The townspeople react to you based on your reputation, your physical look changes, you have a gigantically huge range of choices of how to act and react. There's no way to do a complete walkthrough to cover every combination of who you kill, who you marry, who you marry then kill, and so on :) Still, this guide will help you with the general directions. Remember not to read ahead!! Most of the fun in this game is trying things and seeing what happens, and then playing again and trying something else. This isn't a one-pass-through-and-you're-done game. It is a game that is meant to be played many times through, with many different characters and actions.

I'm playing the path of GOOD because that is generally more difficult to do. Anyone can smash barrels and kill people :) Most of the path is similar for EVIL, but watch for the adult path to be added later on. If you're evil as a child or apprentice, they give you the benefit of the doubt and I make the notes in those areas about what happens.

The Basics
Move and Combat Controller Buttons
Basic Attributes - Strength
Basic Attributes - Skill
Basic Attributes - Will
The Title Vendor
Levels of Renown
Types of Characters

Quests Around Town
Getting the Present To your Sister

The Guild
Beginning your Guild Training
Killing Beetles and Running Races
Combat and Archery
Shooting Sparrows
Wizardry Training
Final Exam
Heading Out of The Guild

The Map and World
Teleport Locations / Cullis Gates

Hero Quests
Wasp Menace and the Beggar
Maze and Tavern Games
Protect the Orchard Farm
Bandits, Tolls, Greatwood Cullis Gate
Trader Escort Darkwood to Barrow Fields
Returning to Oakvale
Hobbes Killing Contest
Hobbe Cave
Find the Bandit Seeress
The Lost Archaeologist
White Balverine
The Arena
The Grey House
Break the Siege
Lost Trader
Lady Grey in Bowerstone North
Archaeologist Quest
The Graveyard Path
Rescue Scarlet Robe
Execution Tree
Orchard Farm Ghost
Bounty Hunt
Bandit Spy Extraction
Gateway to Hook Coast
The Final Act

Supply Listings
Basic Info on Supplies
Weapons Listing
Armor Listing - Head
Armor Listing - Gloves
Armor Listing - Torso
Armor Listing - Legs
Armor Listing - Feet
Commodities Listing

Merchant Notes
Guild Hall Merchant
Bowerstone South Merchants
Orchard Farm Merchant Quest

Fun Stuff
Fishing and Silver Keys
Tavern Games and Hero Dolls
Books You Find
Tattoo Cards
Haircut Cards
Helper Mercenaries
The Fight Club
Expressions / Poses You Learn
Hearts, Courtship and Marriage
Buying Homes and Shops
Demon Door Listing
Treasure Hunt Clues

Photos and Screenshots
Body and Tattoo Photos
Doll Photos

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