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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Choose which level you'd like assistance with! Try not to read ahead - most of the fun of playing strategy games is figuring out puzzles for yourself!

The Tetra Card Game
Weapon Information
Moogle Listing
Active Time Events
Battle Status Information
Elemental Properties
The Zodiac Coins
The Random Quizzes
The Chocographs
The Continents

Starting as Zidane
Starting as Vivi
Zidane and the Kidnapping
Captain Steiner
Zidane on the Run

The Evil Forest
Looking for Garnet
Deciding to Rescue
Looking Again
Wandering on Mist Continent

The Ice Cavern
The Frosty Wastes
Nolrich Heights

The Village of Dali
Arriving at the Village
Under the Mill
Steiner Saves the Day


Arriving at Treno
Auction & Dr. Tot
Leaving Treno

Arriving at Cleyra
Sandstorm is Gone
Getting to Dagger

Saving Dagger
Pinnacle Rocks
Fossil Roo
The Switch Maze

Outer Continent
Conde Petit
Black Mage Village
Travelling to Madain Sari
Madain Sari
Lucid Plains

I do have the rest of the notes but haven't gotten them on line yet!! Please swing by my Forum to ask me how to get through if you're stuck somewhere I haven't put up yet. I'll get back to you quickly.

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