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The Sims:
How to Use Downloaded Objects on The Sims

You should know where on your hard drive you installed your Sims software. If you're not sure, look for the Sims icon that's probably on your desktop. Right-click (NOT left-click) on that icon to look at its PROPERTIES. That will tell you where your software is installed.

Now launch Windows Explorer or My Computer and look in that directory. You'll see the program directories and the various expansion set directories for whatever expansion sets you own. But you'll also see a DOWNLOADS directory in your game directory. This is where 99% of files you download belong.

So to start out with, click on the link that the website provides. It normally is to a ZIP file and you will be prompted where to save this file. Navigate to that downloads directory you found, and save the file there.

Now you have to unzip the file. A ZIPPED file is a compressed file - it's squashed down to download more quickly. Now you have to UNZIP it. You can do this with WinZip or just about any other uncompressing program you have. Unzip it into this same downloads directory.

Usually the file you download will come with a README file. Be sure to look at that just to be sure the file belongs in the downloads directory. In a few circumstances the file might belong in another area, and it will tell you where to go. Follow their instructions, and enjoy!

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