The Sims Unleashed - Sim Pets!

The Sims Unleashed - Sim Pets!
Your sims are like your second family. Now you can adopt a cute kitten or puppy, or even get budgies, lovebirds, turtles, iguanas and goldfish!

There are all sorts of accessories that come with the pets, too. There are different sizes of cages for the birds, a fishbowl of course for the fish. There are lizard cages and turtle cages.

For the dogs and cats, there are climbing toys, squeeze toys, food dishes of various sizes, and an assortment of sleeping containers. You can go with the inexpensive curl-up spot to the deluxe canopied princess bed.

The birds and reptiles are just bought "as is", but when you buy your puppy or kitten you can choose its gender and from 15 different types. For cats, go from siamese to striped to minx with no tail. For the dogs, you can get 101 dalmatians, or maybe a terrier is more your style? The web also offers many, many other skin types if your favorite breed doesn't come with the software.

The pets are GREAT. The cats hunt mice, the dogs learn to sit and stay. You can play with your parakeets, taking them out on your finger. I have 3 parakeets at home and they chirp like wild when the budgies come on the screen! So the sounds are definitely very good.

In addition to the pets, this expansion also offers five new careers - education, fashion, circus, culinary and animal care. You can grow food in your garden if you wish, and there are new places to visit in town, including a pet show to show off your new friends.

But the highlight of course are the pets. You can't control them - you just interact with them. But the interaction can be quite fun. Before you know it, other neighborhood pets will be wandering by to say hello! A must-have for any Sim lover, it really adds a lot to an already addictive game.

Rating: 5/5

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