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The Sims:
General Sim Advice

There are some general tips to playing the Sims (and various expansions) well.

The first tip is to make a couple. You need one Sim out doing the career track, while the other sits home and makes friends. Your sims SHARE their friends so if your working sim needs 12 friends to progress, if his "wife" has those friends he is all set.

Be sure to make at least two houses in your neighborhood with 8 friends apiece. Stick these friends into houses with a telephone, a few beds, and a microwave and such. I usually give one or two of these friend-families a job, just so I don't think of them as complete loungers :)

Next, do some general organization of your family. Put the best computer you can afford right by the door - your stay-at-home (SAH) Sim will be calling people to visit, and if you make him play games while he waits for them to show up, he can gain lots of fun and then answer the door quickly.

Also, your SAH Sim needs to read up on cooking. Sims love to come over and eat good food, and the Career Sim appreciates coming home to a delicious dinner. Make a large dining room with chairs all around the table - one of the best combo activities is eating in a group. Everybody gets full, gets comfort from the chairs, and social activity from talking to each other. Make sure those chairs are nice and soft.

Other than that, get a burglar alarm so you don't have thieves run off with anything, and a phone at each end of the house so you can answer those free-money calls. The rest, like pools, large TVs and bars, will come as your Career Sim moves up the corporate ladder. Most of the time, concentrate your SAH Sim on making friends and feeding the Career Sim. Have the Career Sim focus solely on the items needed to move up the corporate ladder, and on staying happy.

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