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The Sims: Musician

The Musician is a new addition with the Livin' Large series. It's great, and one of the first ones I wanted to try. The key here is to buy a guitar early on, and practice incessantly. You'll need high creativity to move up the middle levels, and plus, once you get a bit good with it, you entertain any visiting Sims.

Second, get a mirror for yourself and practice with that too. You'll need high charisma to reach the upper levels of Rock Star. Make sure you have a house-Sim with you, who is making the friends and feeding the star well.

A pool is good for having fun and working out at the same time. When you hit Roadie and Lounge Singer, you'll need good muscles. Also, for some strange reason, you still are picked up in a really awful car until long in your career. I guess being a musician is 90% work and 10% fun.

The levels for a musician are:
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