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December 2 2007 Autism Spectrum Disorders Newsletter

Greetings Everyone and Happy December ~

Nicholas and I put up the fake tree last nite and Matthew was quite surprised this morning to see the living room transformed. We finished up today with decorations and moving items around. This will be the first year having a cat in the house as well for the holiday season.

Friday was the annual physical for both boys at the Pediatrician's office. It was also raining here in Los Angeles Friday morning. As the boys piled into the back seats of the minivan I pulled the sliding door closed and it came off the hinges. Luckily our neighbor used a crow bar to push the rod back in there somehow. Now I am very nervous to open that door, but cannot get Matthew to climb over the front passenger seat so I am very gentle in sliding this open and closed.

We ended up being at the Doctor for two hours. This was the first time Nicholas had to pee in a cup and wear a paper gown. His new word is "inappropriate". He thought it was very strange and gross to have to pee in that cup and no amount of explaining helped. He said he is healthy and that is that.

Nicholas was okay with the blood pressure since he likes to check his every time we go to Rite Aid. We did not attempt anything behind height and weight on Matthew. Nicholas went to another room for his eye and hearing exam. Both were in normal ranges. In the past we have been referred to audiology for hearing tests for both, but this time no mention of this for Matthew.

Nicholas needs an X-ray again to rule out Scoliosis and both will be referred to Children's Hospital for dental services. Matthew will have the papoose to do a check up and cleaning while Nicholas will utilize their Orthodontia services for a consult on braces.

After the exam on Nicholas I went out of the room to get Nicholas's vaccination card back and learned they both needed TB tests and a vaccine (Td). I looked at the time and it was close to 11:30 and contemplated another visit, but the Nurse and Dr were insisting of doing it all while there. They told me we would not have to go back to look at their arms for the TB results and I could check myself.m

Matthew watched Nicholas squint in pain with shot and prick and then Nicholas left the room so he would not have to witness Matthew's ordeal. They went and got the guy from the front office, and two nurses and myself to get Matthew up on the papoose board. I was so worried about his head hitting the side of the wall and one nurse had to take off her sweater and commented it was a workout.

Matthew's face was beat red after it was all over. I had brought along a short sleeved shirt and changed Matthew from a long sleeved shirt so it was easier to get to his arm.

Nicholas asked where the lolipops were, but I forgot to inquire with all the movement going on. Once home I googled the term for the vaccines to learn more about the side effects. Nick got two shots with the second one being Menactra

The whole papoose board set up is more organized through CHLA for the Dental Services. Several years ago when Matthew needed stitches on his forehead he fell asleep while in the papoose board when they were still stitching him up. Someday I may have to purchase one of these.

I did mention to the Pediatrician that we should have videotaped that experience to use for training. She was with another patiet and we were going to leave Matt in the papoose so she could check his genitals and side for hernia, but it was not possible.

I bought some children's chewable aspirin for both of them to take and Matthew actually took one. Nicholas did complain of a lot of arm pain, but that has diminished now. I might keep Matthew home tomorrow to monitor him since this was just a few days ago.

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In case you missed the Premiere on ABC last week of Shrek the Halls it will be repeated on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 8:00 on ABC. You can view it on You Tube in three parts. We just watched it and enjoyed it again. I will remember to tape it this time too.

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Bonnie Sayers, Autism Spectrum Disorders Editor

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