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April 22 2009 Quilting Newsletter

Hi everyone, it’s just me popping in to have a quick chat. I hope you’re all on top of your life and keeping those fingers busy!

I’ve had a busy week so far, each day out and about with my friends, and on Tuesday I presented a class on Foundation Piecing. I had six ladies (I only teach to a maximum of eight), and we had a great time. Learning and laughing, such good medicine for both me and my students!

I watched a TV show last night about how we can help ourselves to avoid the dreaded Alzheimer’s or Senile Dementia in our later years. They chose three people of middle age, who were first tested for mind function and given a score. Then over a period of 8 weeks undertook a particular mental challenge, and at the end of the eight weeks were again tested for mind function and given a score. All three managed to raise their level of mind function considerably and especially improved their memory recall, their ability to problem solve and their mental agility. The challenges they undertook were – one completed a crossword each day (he’d never done crosswords in his life before), one took up learning a new language (he learnt German) and the remaining tester took up those electronic brain games that you can play either on the computer or on hand held devices.

This got me thinking…. I’m sure that quilting is another of those mind challenges that will help us to keep alert and functioning well, right into our winter years. I try to set myself a challenge at every new project. Something that will keep me sharpening my skills and learning new ones.

During my class this week I had a student who was suffering terribly with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had the most gnarled hands and fingers I’ve ever seen. If she ever had to point in the right direction, she’d be up the putty, because none of her fingers where straight!! Anyway, when she arrived I asked her how I could help her achieve in the days class and she assured me that she would be fine. And she was!! To my utter amazement, she managed to thread up her sewing machine and cut and sew her foundation pieces. I had to tell her how inspiring she was to me, to be able to overcome her difficulties and she replied “Quilting keeps me going, I’d go mad if I couldn’t continue with my quilting”. Wow!! Go Rhoda!!

Last Sunday, I posted some pictures of the postcards I’ve recently finished. I’m pretty pleased with them; they certainly are a challenge for this traditional quilter. Here’s the link: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art1324.asp

I’ve had a request on the forum to design a block for Washington DC. Does anyone know of a block that has been designed as Washington DC? Pop over to the forum if you can help us. Here’s the link: http://forums.bellaonline.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=43

Now, to my gift for you this week. A charming friend of mine (Hi Kate) sent me this interesting article about buttons, and I thought you’d like to see it. It was a button competition held recently and well, here’s the links, hope you enjoy them.
http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=299600.0 button suitcase
http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=299287.0 button challenge
http://www.craftster.org/blog/?p=1220 winners of button challenge
http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=294707.0 a picture of every button challenge entry

Well, that’s all from me this week, hope all’s well at your end, and that you can still smile during these challenging times. See you next week.

Cheerio for now

Judie Bellingham, Quilting Editor

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