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July 3 2012 Quilting Newsletter

Hi Ho, everyone, it’s just me popping up to say hello for this week. It’s another screamer for me, and next week is shaping up to be one also! Guess it keeps me running and staying warm. It’s been particularly cold here over the past week, and we had four days where we didn’t get to see the sun at all. Big deal some of you are saying but for subtropical Brisbane, and in the dry winter months, that’s unusual.

Anyway, I’ve been busy with quilty stuff. Yesterday I helped out with the Queensland Quilters Inc Valuations team. I love these days because you get to see some pretty stunning quilts, and I love hearing the comments. It’s a very good way to learn about quilting I can tell you. I’m just the gopher and do a bit of admin, but I love it.

I know I tell you all the time that I love my Queensland Quilters Inc., and I received a delightful surprise at their AGM last month. I received an Honorary Membership for 2013 in gratitude for all I do for the guild. When announcing my name, my dear President said “she can be a little vocal at times” and I knew she was talking about me. Yes I’m noisy, and yes I laugh a lot, but hey, that’s me, myself and I.

I have always helped out at the guild. I see that as my duty. If you’re a member of any organisation, it behoves you to lend a hand. It doesn’t mean that you’ve got to be in charge, just be there to take the slack for committee members and the like. You get to meet all sorts of people and it’s very good for the soul, I believe.

On Thursday, Ruby and I (we’re both organisers of our Linus groups, which are part of Queensland Quilters Inc) are going to the city to deliver a lecture to the Ionian Club of Brisbane. We’ll be taking show and tell and we’re very excited. The Ionians provide a very good service to people all over Australia, in Great Britain and New Zealand.
Here’s a link to their website: http://www.ionians.net/

Next Tuesday is QQ meeting day, and we’re having Jenny Bowker as our guest speaker. Many of you will know of Jenny, who is an Australian quilter of world renown. Looking forward to that very much.

Last week I wrote an article about making Quillows. I often have people asking me what quillows are. Well all the gen is in the article, here’s a link: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art177100.asp

Been quiet on the quilting forum. Don’t forget to pop over to that social media site and tell us what you’re up to. Here’s the link: http://forums.bellaonline.com/ubbthreads.php/forums/43/1/Quilting

And so, onto my goodies for you this week. Have fun!!

http://inspire76.com/2011/02/13/10-terrific-color-swatches/ colour swatches for inspiration

http://www.thedailytelecraft.com/2011/06/craft-room-inspiration.html here’s a selection of craft rooms to droooooool over

http://www.victorianaquiltdesigns.com/VictorianaQuilters/Handwork/RetractableTapeMeasureCoverTutorial.htm a retractable tape measure to make

http://www.dontcallmebetsy.com/2012/03/patchwork-wheel-block-tutorial.html I like this block – great for charity quilts

http://ispywithmycraftyeyes.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/framed-pincushion-pinterest-project-i.html pincushions in old frames – recycling at its best

http://naughtysecretaryclub.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/i-love-to-create-fabric-scrap-shoes.html love, love, love these, I’m going to get me some!!

http://patchworknotes.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/lucy-proof-sock-knitting-bag.html a pretty patchwork bag with a multitude of uses.

http://freespiritfabric.com/core-pages/gallery.php?gal_id=298 here’s a free pattern from the Free Spirit Fabric people

http://mostinterestingblog.blogspot.com.au/2008/05/amazing-bus-stops.html#!/2008/05/amazing-bus-stops.html not quilting but amazing bus stops

Well dear friends, I must away – I’m going out to lunch to hear a glass artist speak. Housework will have to wait!!

Cheerio for now

Judie Bellingham, Quilting Editor

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