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October 2 2006 Bellydancing Newsletter


Once again, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit the bellydance site at Share all the recent articles with friends and other belly dancers in the community. We all gain knowledge by sharing.

The last newsletter that I sent out, I spoke of why I named the newsletter The Dancing Lotus. Even though I am the editor of the bellydance site, I feel it is important to build our bodies in a spiritual way. Therefore, these newsletters will contain information on the lotus flower (history, tales, etc.), a featured goddess, and a featured chakra.

Stories of the lotus flower:

Gods in the Hindu faith such as Vishnu, Brahma, and Lakshmi have ties to the lotus flower, especially Brahma and Lakshmi who take their seats on the flower itself.

You may recall in the last newsletter, the muddy waters where the lotus flower comes from, represents a spiritual journey. In the Hindu faith, the muddy waters symbolize attachment and desire, so once a full grown flower, the lotus then means a person is pure from such attachment.

In Asia, there is a tale about of a ten-year old girl named Rourou. It is said that this Falun Gong practitioner rides on a lotus flower, visiting paradise. The lotus flower speaks to her words of wisdom.

As belly dancers, it is important to cultivate a true spirit of peace, wisdom and harmony with others who share the passion. As that lotus flower we can radiate from inside, out. Let's look within ourselves and others for inspiration.

Ronnette Ramirez, Bellydance Editor

Featured goddess:

In this newsletter, I want to feature the goddess Freyja. She is a celtic goddess, who was worshipped by ancient northern and eastern Europeans. Freyja, the daughter of time, is quite independent and bold. She wears a powerful jewel on her breast, yet people prayed to her to resolve conflicts.

Interestingly, before Orion, the constellation was Freyja. Today, some German surnames are from her.

Featured chakra:

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head. As you may know, there are seven chakras that run from toe to head. Even though we can not see our chakras, they are there as our sources of energy. Through meditation and exercise, we can tap into our chakras.

Great knowledge and liberation flow from the crown chakra, since it is the most active. Once you connect with this chakra, you can then unite with the Divine.

Belly dance choreography tip:

Travel steps in your routine are very pleasing to the eye. Keep your audience in mind. You don't want to bore them.

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