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November 14 2008 Blogs / Social Networking Newsletter

Here are two fresh articles from the Blogs / Social Networking site at, a featured Blogs forum topic and also a special freebie course link for you in my PS.

What is Twitter?
Twitter basics for beginners: what Twitter is, what is a follower, and what you can choose to tweet about.

Blogwild! Small Business Blogging - Review
I would recommend this book only if the blogger-to-be wanted a step-by-step description of starting a blog from *scratch* on Typepad.


***What is Web 3.0, anyway?***

"1. It will be when, for example, Google wakes up. As in, artificial intelligence will run search engines. This could be many decades away...or it could just sorta happen one day.

2. Ever seen Minority Report and other futuristic movies where people interact with holographic screens using virtual reality tools (like VR gloves)? This would turn desktops and even laptops obsolete. We will be able to interact with the cyber world in our every day walking reality with such technology. The possibilities are endless. We might not even have to fly to see loved ones anymore - we can just interact with everyone and everything holographically."

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the future of the web and social networking! Will we all be in touch with with everyone all the time? Are we there right now?? Does privacy even exist anymore?


Anyone who is new to the world of Web 2.0 will be able to learn from the free weekly articles I am posting. learn the basics of blogs, about social networks like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, and how culture has changed with the new emphasis on *personal journalism*. This is your chance to get a handle on our changing interpersonal landscape!

Jill Florio, Blogs / Social Networking Editor

PS - The promised Freebie: I will be discussing in depth the uses of StumbleUpon as a fun blog discovery tool. For now, you'll want to upload the StumbleUpon toolbar and play around with that. I'll tell you how to enjoy this exploratory goodie in coming articles. You can also learn about it from this basic online StumbleUpon course (the 1st ten lessons are free, free, free, and really very good if you own a blog of your own and want to get it some traffic):

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