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April 12 2012 Buddhism Newsletter

Hi all,

Happy Spring! So far this month I have a new article, an update of an old one, and a mini book review for you:

The Trikaya In Tibetan Buddhism
In Mahayana Buddhism, particularly Tibetan Buddhism, three 'bodies' or 'kayas' are used to explain the nature of Buddhahood and reality - a 'truth body', a 'mutual enjoyment body', and a body in space and time. Learn a bit about this fascinating teaching.


The Noble Eightfold Path for Children
The Noble Eightfold Path is a foundation Buddhist teaching consisting of the eight components of the Buddhist path. Here's some suggestions for introducing children to each of them - great for adults of any faith too!


In the Buddhism forum, in addition to threads on the above articles, I have also posted a mini-review of the book The Posture of Meditation: A Practical Manual for Meditators of All Traditions, by Will Johnson.


In closing, here is a passage from the Suvarna Prabhasa, or 'Golden Light' sutra, one Mahayana sutra that discusses the Trikaya (although not in this exceprt:)

"These great elements have no great origination.
Originating from the unoriginated, they lack origination.
Since that which originates does not originate,
I have called them the great elements.
They do not exist and do not ever exist.
Due to ignorance, they come into being.

Ignorance itself does not exist.
Thus, I have called it ignorance.
Action, consciousness, name and form,
The six sources, contact, feeling,
Craving, grasping and existence too,
Birth, aging and death, sorrows and afflictions –
These comprise the twelve links of dependent origination.

The inconceivable sufferings of cyclic existence
As they operate in the wheel of life
Have originated from the unoriginated;
Thus, they are without origination,
Free from discursive, conceptual thought.

Cut the view of self existence;
Sever the net of afflictions;
Brandish the sword of knowledge;
Behold the abode of aggregates as empty;
In this way, enlightenment shall be reached.

I have opened the door to the city of nectar
And thoroughly entered into its abode."

In Peace,

Lisa Erickson, Buddhism Editor

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