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December 15 2006 Cleaning Newsletter

Cleaning Newsletter

Cleaning Newsletter

Good, clean ideas for a good, clean home


By Kathryn Weber, BellaOnline Cleaning Editor




Clean Thoughts         A Wrapping Treatise

                                  Pain in the Neck 


Featured Product      Neu Homecare Products -- BOGO OFFER!


Featured Article        How to Clean Dirty Grout on Your Tile Floors




Happy Friday! 


Right about now, I am in Holiday DEFCON 4 mode.  Yes, a stack of presents roughly the height of an average Samoan sits patiently waiting to be wrapped.  I can't wait.  It's true.  The smell of Scotch tape gets me giddy!   My mother was a wrapper long before hip hop came out.  And, this apple didn't fall far from the tree.  Wrapping is the culmination of days of prowling the malls and haunting boutiques for just the right gift.  It's when it "all comes together." 


How about you?  Are you a paper junkie or a wrapping fanatic?  I remember going to a flea market many years ago (with my mother, who else?) and we came upon a woman selling department store wrapping paper and package toppers.  BONANZA!  We both became woozy with excitement.  Oh, the weight, the density of the paper. Like a fine wine, wrapping with good quality wrapping paper is a joy.  Crisp corners.  Neat and tightly fitted to the box.  It's a Zen thing.


And with such pretty packages, who wants to open them?  I just want to sit in my robe on Christmas morning and make everyone sit there with me and just look at the packages...just for a moment, to soak it all in.  Then, the opening frenzy can happen.  Yes, this year, I'll insist we take a moment for admiration.  OK...maybe not Christmas morning, but at least a day or two before!


Pain in the neck

Why all the waxing poetic about packages?  I got the news today that I have a pretty seriously ruptured disc in the middle of my neck and am just a small rear-end accident away from a wheelchair.  So, it looks like I'll be shopping for a neurosurgeon after the New Year to get this repaired as quickly as possible.  Funny, though.  The news made me much more nostalgic about the holidays -- and that's why I'm thrilled and excited about wrapping all those presents instead of overwhelmed and resentful.  It's odd how tragic news can sometimes put a whole new perspective on what you thought of as a "problem."  So, if you're at Holiday DEFCON 4, I hope you can look at all you have to do with humor, hope, and most of all, happiness.


This week's article

If you have tile floors, you know how wonderful they are -- unless, that is, you have dirty grout.  This week's article talks about how to get your grout clean if you want to do it yourself or hire out the work.  As for me, I've done all the "spot touch-ups" I can do on my tile floors. I'm going to hire a professional service to come after the New Year to clean -- and most importantly, seal the grout -- for me. 


Have a great and wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Happy Hanukah!  Thank you for reading my cleaning newsletter and allowing me into your email inbox.  I am so glad to share my clean thoughts with you this year.  I wish the best of health, prosperity, and happiness to you and your family.  Please be safe if you are traveling this holiday season -- I want you back next year!


Happy Cleaning,

Kathryn Weber

Cleaning Editor for Bellaonline Calender -- the calendar that helps you end the power struggle with your house. Keeping a clean home is about knowing what to clean when. Virtually everything that needs to be cleaned is on this calendar in a year-round cleaning schedule that helps you keep your house clean easier and faster. Order here and you can have it in minutes!



The products featured here are ones I use in my own home, that I can personally attest to, and that I L-O-V-E.  I want you to try them, too, because I know you will also enjoy them and they will help you keep a cleaner, more comfortable home.


Neu Homecare products

Neu Homecare products are excellent -- and right now they are an incredible value.  Their dishwashing soap rescued my hazy glasses and spotted silverware.  And right now, they are offering a special buy-one-get-one deal on their products for the holiday season.  If you have thought about trying these products, now is the time.  The Fragrance Free Three Pack is one of my personal favorites and has all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, and dishwasher soap ($23).  Or, my hands-down favorite is the dishwasher soap for ($9).  It lasts a long time (about two months) and will resurrect your dishes.  I hope you'll try these while Neu Homecare is making this wonderful offer!  See the details below for your buy one get one deal.


Here are the details:

With the purchase of any NEU Homecare item,  NEU Homecare will include one FREE additional item of equal or lesser value with your order purchased this month.*Just add your additional product request to the "COMMENTS" section at the bottom of your online order and we will include it as our gift to you.**





How to Clean Dirty Grout on Your Tile Floors

Tile floors are wonderful until the grout gets dirty. Do it yourself and professional steps for cleaning grout in your floor tile -- and for keeping it clean.

Click here to read the article:



Kathryn Weber is the cleaning editor for BellaOnline, Living Space newspaper columnist (Victoria Advocate, Beaches Leader, et al), Publisher of the Cleaning Calendar, and publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui E-Zine ( 


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