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January 16 2007 Dating Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and are feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to start 2007 fresh!

Now before you start groaning, I know that New Year's  Resolutions get a bad rap...

Most people think of oppressive diets, gym memberships that go to waste, and the suffering that goes along with
quitting any bad habit cold turkey.

I used to have these negative associations too.

But - take it from me - when you decide to look at resolutions in a new, positive light, they can actually be exciting opportunities!

There's just something about the start of a new year that really feels like a clean slate to me. It's a chance to reinvent myself in ways that I've always wanted to,
(and it doesn't have to entail making a laundry list of dreadful tasks that I just know I'll never get around to accomplishing!).

Want to try it too?

Ok... What if, instead of completely trying to change your life overnight, you just made ONE resolution: to make your happiness a bigger priority this year?

Sounds do-able, doesn't it?

And you can't deny that the end result - greater happiness - is pretty appealing!

You can start with the littlest things, like lighting more candles around the house (amazing how that can relax you and improve your mood), carving out an hour for yourself
during a busy week to read a great book, or actually ENJOYING those expensive bath salts that your friend brought you from Paris (just what kind of "special occasion" are you saving
them for?).

And then you can carry this new attitude through to bigger things, like your love life.

Instead of spelling out such specific expectations or setting pressure-filled deadlines like "I have to meet someone and be engaged by 2008"...

Why not try resolutions like these instead?



* ... love myself the way I want to be loved. The manner in  which I treat myself sets the tone for how men will treat me, so I will respect myself, believe in my worth, and take pride in my unique beauty - both inside and out!

* I will see the world as full of possibilities and live each day believing that I could meet a special man at any time, in any place. The openness I feel within my heart to meet
someone wonderful will transcend to my outward appearance;  I will smile, laugh, and be just as friendly and approachable in the grocery store, in line at the bank, and while walking my dog down the street on a Tuesday morning as I am at a  party on a Friday night.

* I will strive to complete MYSELF. This means pursuing my career or passion, spending time with my family, and enjoying an active social life. When I am happy with my life and feeling fulfilled I am not expecting a man to complete me. This confidence and contentment is the antidote to neediness and will attract healthy, quality men who want to be a part of my fabulous life!

* I will choose NOT to engage in the emotional turmoil of an  unhealthy relationship and instead only give my heart to a man who is truly WORTHY of me.

* I will HAVE FUN and remember that dating is to be enjoyed, not agonized over! If I'm stressing more than I'm having a good time, I will move on and find someone who fits with my  #1 resolution... to make MY happiness a bigger priority!

Remember, the best resolutions are the ones that you can actually ACHIEVE!


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Lilly Calandrello,

Dating Editor 

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