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July 22 2007 Ergonomics Newsletter

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Typing Style - Repetitive Injuries are NOT just about the Keyboard
There are many resources that describe ergonomics for the office environment. Most people now have some knowledge of the best location for the keyboard. Less commonly known is that typing style can also cause injuries. Here are some typing tips that will help prevent injuries on the keyboard.

Two Exercises to Help Relax your Typing Style

1. Rest your hand palm-down on the table. Lift only your thumb as high as you can off the table. Feel the tension in the thumb. Now let the thumb relax back onto the tabletop. Compare the difference between the tense and the relaxed state. The thumbs should stay relaxed while typing in order to prevent thumb tendinitis.

2. Hold your fingers in a relaxed position as if you were about to type. Now straighten only your small finger (as if you were sticking it up in the air). Holding the tension in the small finger, wiggle the other fingers as if typing. Feel the tension between the fingers as the tendons try to work while at the same time holding the small finger up. Avoid this sensation while typing by keeping ALL the fingers relaxed.

Relaxing the Hand

A good way to relax the hand is to let it dangle down by your side. Not only does this position relax the muscles, but it automatically positions the arm in a neutral forearm and wrist position. As you bring the hand back up to the keyboard, try to maintain the neutral wrist position as well as the relaxation.

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