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May 7 2009 Feng Shui Newsletter

Hello, Everyone--

I am the new Feng Shui editor at BellaOnline, and I am delighted to send you my first newsletter. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions for topics you would like me to cover in these weekly newsletters.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is the art and science of arranging your interior surroundings in balance with the natural world around you. This balance helps you attract wealth, harmony, and love--and so much more.

The approach to Feng Shui that I will use in my newsletter is called Feng Shui For Real Life. This school of Feng Shui focuses on who you are and how you want to live in your home and work in your office. Through this newsletter I will share real life tips and advice to help you unblock and balance your surroundings and improve your life.

Let's get started with the basics.

This week's tip is all about the Wood Element, and how it can help you grow and expand.

Wood is one of the Five Elements, the term Feng Shui uses to describe the shapes, colors, and textures around you and the attributes they bring into your life. This is also the way you can use Feng Shui to color your world. The Five Elements are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.

It's natural to think about growth and expansion in the spring when everything starts to turn green again. All of the growth is part of the Wood Element, which is characterized by living plants and trees, things made of wood, rectangular objects, and the color green. Wood is a powerful Element. Bring the Wood Element into your home when you want to encourage creativity and grow your wealth.

Here are a few simple ways to "go Feng Shui green" this week and improve your overall well-being:
• If you need to feel energized on a cloudy day, wear a green scarf, clothes made from cotton, or floral patterns.
• If you want to encourage family harmony, add green accents like pillows and throws to your family room.
• If you feel blocked, place a bushy green plant on your desk to get your creative juices flowing.
• If you want to find a new job, place a beautiful wooden box on your desk and place a positive affirmation inside.
• If your family is prone to arguments at dinner, set the table with green napkins to promote communication.
• If you are surrounded by electronics, place a plant within 3 feet of your equipment to balance negative energy, especially in a home theater or office.

You can read more about the Five Elements at http://fengshuiforreallife.com/basics/index.html.

Have fun passing this message along to friends and family! I hope to hear from you soon, either in the forum or in response to this newsletter. I love your feedback!

Carol M. Olmstead, Feng Shui Editor

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